Saturday, October 18, 2008

Disney Hangover!!!!


Yeah... and take a look at that freakin turkey leg! I must say, that is quite possibly the most handsome picture I've ever taken!  Agreed?

We got back from our 5 day Disney extravaganza on Tuesday night. Then, Wednesday morning, I caught a 6 am flight to Seattle for an extremely important (HA!) quarterly business meeting only to return later that night... around 11 pm. Needless to say... I'm just now starting to catch my breath.

Disney was REALLY fun! I will say that as an adult, this is NOT a trip that you take for yourself. Or at least I don't. This is a kid trip... and if you head into it without your "kid hat" on... you're sunk. You might as well pack it back up and head home... b/c you're going to be miserable. Lucky for me... reverting to 6 years old has never been a problem for me. Training came to a screeching halt and I indulged in things like the turkey leg, multiple Mickey-shaped ice-cream sandwiches, big freakin lollipops, and yes... an occasional churro. While all that food indulgence was fun... the hangover has been BRUTAL and I've had to fight the sugar beast every day that I've been back! "Hi. My name is Rob... and I'm a sugar-aholic". Seriously fell off the wagon while down in LA... but I'm back on and suffering through it!

Training picked back up on Thursday and I must say... I think the time off might have done me some good. In addition to my foot feeling pretty close to 90%... my brain needed a break as well. The whole family needed the time together... collectively "getting out of Dodge" did all of us a lot of good. It was just really great to hang out, laugh, have fun, and hold hands!

Clearwater is just around the corner! I have a couple of weeks of good, hard training before my taper. It is what it is. I'm ready-ish... and looking forward to puttin the hurt on some foreigners! LOL! I am ready. I keep telling myself that. Coach Liz reminded me that I have an entire year's worth of training under my belt... so yes... I'm ready. I'm ready to finish. The problem is... I'm not overly interested in finishing... I wanna race... and race hard. Having said that, this IS about the time that "Crazy/Headcase Rob" starts to get out of bed. You know the guy... he likes to worry about stuff. He likes to plant seeds of doubt. Knowing this... I generally pay him a bit of attention... make him feel wanted and needed. Then... just like Mickey... I kick him in the nuts and tell him that he's a little whiny bitch. Luckily... as the past has demonstrated... I'm done with him at LEAST a week before I race!

Hey! Does anyone have a Blackberry Pearl? Anyone addicted to the game that comes on that phone? Brick Breaker is the black-hole of time-suckage! I won't even tell you my score b/c those of you that aspire to compete with me would be so dejected... you'd just give up right then and there. Yeah. I've got skirrz. Like nunchuck type skirrz. AND... if you happen to be around me while playing.... I will do my best to distract you from your game.... using any mean necessary. Fear me.

Ok... that was random.

That's it for now! Hope you're all happy, healthy, and whole. Enjoy some pictures from the Magic Kingdom and...



beth said...

you DO have mad skirrz! love that. and love the disney pics. it ALMOST makes me want to have some kids! ok, not now....but awesome of you to take time out for the crew.
good luck with that sugar addiction

IronJenny said...

Awesome trip!! you DO all look like happy 6 year olds!
Love LOVE the last pic - welcome back and have fun at Clearwater.

Anonymous said...

Man - what a great lookin' family you have. Looks like everyone had a blast.
Did you say brick breaker?
I LOVE that game! OK - what's your high score? I'm gonna make it my mission to beat you. GAME ON!!!
you know....s.h.

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Danni said...

i love, love, love the last picture!!!!