Saturday, October 25, 2008

I forgot....

to post this video of TOM! Hilarious and pretty much sums up my little guy. This is on the fourth day of our trip. We'd been going hard the entire time and on Sunday we decided to leave the hotel at a leisurely pace and head over the California Adventure. That place has a completely different vibe than Disney Land and is less jam-packed with all of us annoying tourist families! Anywho. We had a GREAT day in the park and for those of you that DON'T know... which would shock the hell outta me if you didn't... there's a parade EVERY day at the Magic Kingdom! Yeah! Cool huh? I mean really... where ELSE can you see a parade every SINGLE day??? So we grab some concrete in the front row. Tom is SO excited he can hardly stand it! We're waiting for the parade and he's sitting in my lap. He turns to me with that devil-may-care grin of his... here's the brief conversation:

Tom: "Dad? Can I triafalon?"
Me: "Uh. What do you mean exactly?"
Tom: "Right now. Can I triafalon?"
Me: "You gotta help me out here buddy. A triafalon? You mean right now?"
Tom: "Yeah. Right now!"
Me: (Looking over at Jack with a look that says, what the hell is he talking about? Jack shrugs) "Uh. Ok. Sure. Go triafalon."

Without another word, Tom LEAPS out of my lap... and this is what happened!

Enjoy and...



Jennifer Harrison said...

OH MY! SOO cute!! What a stud (err, your son, not you!) haaha!
Jen H.

Ryan said...

Oh crap!

I just looked at my calender and I have a Triaflon Saturday. My daughter wants to triaflon too.