Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Training?

This is what I woke up to yesterday! Can you believe this?!  I saw the forecast earlier in the week... but I didn't believe it!  I mean really, what do meteorologists know?  I did call Coach Liz just in case for a backup plan.  I didn't really relish in the thought of riding for 4 hour in the snow and sleet!  You know what she said to me... and I quote, "You're not really complaining about a 4 hour trainer ride to the girl from Chicago are you?"  Bah ha ha!  I wasn't complaining per se, I just didn't realize that people actually DID 4 hour trainer sessions and NOT have their head explode.  Seriously?  You Ironman types in colder climates do that?  That's just plain bonkers!  Well guess what?  I don't have to do it anyway.

Friday I woke up not feeling so hot... sore throat, really sinusy, pretty crummy.  An interesting factoid about Eugene is that it has the highest pollen counts in the nation during this time of year... and I happen to have pretty bad allergies.  As a result, I tend to feel like crapolio all through Spring.  SO, when I feel that way I tend to not take it too seriously this time of year. Liz had a GREAT trainer session scheduled and I really didn't want to miss it.  Essentially it was a 15 min warm-up follow by descending intervals at various wattages at 50-60 rpms starting at 200 watts and ending at 300!  The last 15 seconds of each you stay in the saddle and up the cadence by 5-10 rpms.  NOT a good idea when you're sick!  I finished and I was so shakey I just had to sit there for a second.  My HR was totally out of control but I nailed every interval and ended up averaging 191 watts over the hour.  I'd like to get that up to 210... but I was happy that I even finished the workout!  Yeah, that's how stupid I am... because guess what?  I went to bed that night at 8 o'clock and spent almost all of Saturday in bed!

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY PEOPLE!  If you feel sick... take break. It's Sunday morning and I'm beginning to feel slightly human again.  I'm NOT training today.  I'll be taking tomorrow off too, (normally scheduled rest day), and hit it hard starting Tuesday.  I'm not sure any of this could have been avoided... but I KNOW that Friday's workout didn't help.

Today's training? Nasal Rising, Hyper Hydration, and Speed Napping.

Stay healthy everyone!



Anonymous said...

crapolio, huh?
as far as snow sympathy from me. you're not a wuss are you? nope!! i knew that.

kt said...

Nap repeats! I love those.

Bigun said...

exnay on the trainerey. get well soon, hope that white crap melts soon! 80's in Fl all weekend, btw...