Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back At It...

... sorta. I was SUCH a good boy over the weekend! If you read my last post you know that I was pretty sick for a couple of days. Instead of moaning and whining and complaining I listened to my family, coach, and friends... and just embraced the sickness and rested... like on my ass on the couch or in bed rested.

Monday's are my normally scheduled rest days and I really felt like I'd be ready to hit it hard today. I had some "business", (what a JOKE... you know what I mean Sarry Son), in Bend so I took off late Monday afternoon and made the snowy/trecherous drive over the pass. DREW? Where the heck WERE you man?! I left a message... wanted to see you eat another raw quail egg! I had a serious solo sushi feast (SSSF), and hit the rack early chomping at the bit to get into the 50m pool in the morning! Liz had a killer "breath-control" workout planned for me... which means pain and discomfort. The thing is, I got in the pool, got halfway through the workout, and had absolutely NOTHING left. I literally almost pulled myself across the pool on the last 50m using the lane lines! That's RIGHT! 1,500 meters and I was D-O-N-E. I spent the rest of the morning freaking out and mentally crucifying myself for being such a pathetic weak-gened candy-ass pansy sicky boy.

I also had a run scheduled for today... so I called Liz and she talked me out of my tree. She reassured me that I would NOT loose significant fitness and that if anything... once I get better I'll be REALLY ready to go after all the rest. SO... I ended up running 20 min in Zone 1 and doing some core work in the gym. Felt good to be out running... cleared my head... made me realize that all is not doom and gloom... that everything is NOT terrible and awful and horrid and unfair and that I have a pretty freakin good life to INCLUDE my wife and family and dear dear DEAR friends. Whew. See. Rob not do so good without consistent exercise.

The Eugene 1/2 Marathon is less than 2 weeks away. I'm gonna throw it out there! I'm gonna predict a PR. I haven't decided how MUCH of a PR... but it's gonna be a PR. Last year's race I ran a 1:35... and felt like I had a lot more in me. SO... when I decide what my time is gonna be... I'll be sure and share. I'm REALLY itching to race tho... hungry even.

Enjoy some pics!
Snow? In APRIL?

Alpha Puppy Wolf Squad. GO!

THIS is what I woke up to today!

Look at THAT!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!



Anonymous said...

OMG - where do I even start! First off...your little boy needs a NEW snowsuit....one that actually covers his poor, freezing ankles. Sheesh. Second, you need to rest to regain your physical strength but I can see that when you do, your mind goes haywire!! Third...who the hell is Sarry?
On a more serious note, you're going to do great in your 1/2 mary. You always do. Just breathe. After all...isn't that YOUR motto?

Bigun said...

I think i got sunburned today. definately got some tan lines going on.

TriSherpa Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

yep - new snowsuit. Definitely!