Monday, January 28, 2008

Florida Sun Shine!

I left Eugene at 6 am yesterday with snow coming down and got into Florida by 4 pm to bright sunny skies! I had forgotten how fun it is to run with no shirt on and be able to listen to the waves crashing on the beach! I got a LOT of strange looks running down one of the board-walks. I don't think they see a lot of tall, skinny, really PALE guys running around with heart-rate monitors strapped to their chests... I even heard someone comment, "That's the smallest bra I've ever seen.". HEY! Whatever it takes to harness my man boobs!

"Ran" 60 min, 6.5 miles at an average HR of 157. Average was jacked due to the relative heat and my lack of sleep... but it was fun anyway! Coach Matt has me on a pretty relaxed schedule out of necessity this week.

Meetings all day today. Snore. Fancy schmansy dinner tonight. I'm hoping to get in an open-water swim before the dinner though... the water is GORGEOUS here! Ahhhhhh...


1 comment:

blink140pnt6 said...

You could probably get away with pasties instead of the bra... oh wait you are one with the lack of a tan.

One big one.

Have a good trip.