Saturday, January 26, 2008

Corporate HELL!!!!!

Ok... so first of all... here's another piece from my buddy J.D. Kinda cool and dark... like me... Bah ha HA! J.D. is the creative MAN! Gotta love that guy! Check out his site AND he has stuff for sale! Could it get ANY better?

I'm off to Florida at O dark thirty tomorrow morning. I would rather pluck my own butt-hair than spend an entire week with these people... but alas.... I must. You know what's funny? J.D. pointed out to me that maybe all those sales people that I bitch about constantly might complain about ME too! YEAH! I freakin hate it when other people are right!

What's REALLY KILLING me is that I'll be missing Lila's 8th birthday! Doesn't my company understand that anything important that they have going on immediately takes a back seat to even the most miniscule occurrence on the family front? Geesh! The unmitigated gaul of them to schedule a meeting on my daughter's birthday! Bastards.

Training will continue with the exception of biking. I hope to get in some open-water swims just for shits n giggles. This week went really well. I know that Coach Matt will start ramping things up here pretty soon... something that I'm REALLY looking forward to... I WANT the extra work-load. Ended the week with:
  • Running: 16 miles
  • Biking: 27 miles
  • Spinning: 1 hour
  • Swimming: 10,515 meters
Looking at that makes me wonder why I'm tired. Apparently I'm a pansy... kinda like Blink.

OH! I had a dream last night that I raced IM CdA in '09 and came across the line at 8:49! Bah ha HAAAAA! Now THAT is hilarious! In my dream I couldn't figure it out... I was in complete shock! I ran over to my wife and said, "HEY! I think I got a Kona slot!". She was like, "Yeah... that's great honey. Ready to get goin?" Don't you just LOVE dreams?



moonpie said...

Look me up bro - I'll take you on an Open water swim!

Bigun said...

it was a't you think angelina jolie would have been a bit more excited about a kona slot?

kt said...

Way to go on that pretend Kona slot! By the way... my mom called because she was reading my blog and she has decided that you are such a wonderful young man! =0) I thought that was hilarious, not that you aren't just that she thinks so from your posts on my blog. I am seriously giggling out loud right now. No offense.

blink140pnt6 said...

I'm lol from kt's comment.

Um yeah, panzy (thats right I changed it from pansy cause thats gay. With a z it's much more manly) it's a bruthah hood damn it, we gots to stick together.

Peace out panZy.