Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Feel the.... BONK!

I had the privilege of experiencing my first ever "BONK" on Sunday! YES! Here's the story: Sunday, my family and I are scrambling to get ready for a visit for my sister, her husband, and her 4 kids. All day long it was rush rush rush clean clean clean... you know how it is. In the process of all the bustling... I completely forgot to eat... that's right... all day. OH... wait... I had a cup of coffee and a banana in the morning. That's the extent of my Sunday nutrition. So 6pm rolls around and I still haven't gotten my scheduled ride in. I throw on my cycling clothes, grab two 24 oz bottles of NUUN and a flask of Hammer Gel and take off. The scheduled ride was 2 hours staying in an aerobic zone. I headed out toward the flats around the airport and was slammed by a serious head-wind for the first hour! I was cranking just to maintain 16 mph... and I felt like the power output should have at least put me at around 22! I reached my turn-around and started to feel a little sluggish... took in a couple oz of gel and turned around. About an hour and 20 min into the ride my legs started to buuuuuuuurn and I was struggling to maintain a decent cadence. The good new was that the wind was now at my back and I was able to maintain about 25 mph. Its kind of hard to explain... but despite putting forth that speed.... I had ZERO energy! I felt like complete CRAP and knew I had quite a ways to go AND... the last mile of the ride up to my house is up hill at about a 9% grade. I finally made it to the bottom of the hill... and here's the pathetic part... I actually called my wife to come pick me up! But guess WHAT? The line was busy. At that point I had the following conversation with myself: "Are you going to die?" "Uhhhh... no.... but..." "Are you going to irreparably damage yourself by going up the hill?", "Uhhh... no... BUT...:", "Why are you being such a damn P***?", "I hate you...", "I hate you too... now get goin." Literally... that was the convo! So up I went! Made it home and looked in the mirror... I was completely ashen... walking death. Spent the next hour drinking and eating and telling my wife that she never cared about me and if she was a GOOD wife... she wouldn't have been on the phone! Bah ha ha! Kidding.

Actually... I'm glad I experienced that. Now I know that I never want to do it again.

Here's the stats for the ride:
  • Total Time: 2 hours
  • Total Distance: 39.1 mile
  • Avg MPH: 20 and change
  • Avg HR: 150 on the nose
Overall... I'm a happy boy!

OK... real quick... check out the swim I did today!
  • Warm-up: 500 yd warm-up
  • Main Set: 8 X 50 drill/choice on 10 sec rest; 4 X 500 tempo (pull 1st and third 500) @ 1 min. rest; 4 X 50 fast on 15 sec. rest
  • Cool-down: 200 yd
  • Total distance: 3,200 yds
Felt AWESOME during that swim. I'm not exactly sure WHY... but I did!

Anywho! I'm off to pick-up my sis and her family! We're gonna have a full week of fun and frolick her in the great Pacific Northwest!


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Drew Holmes said...

nice bonk super hero.......eat something dork! oh by the way I tagged you now!!!