Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Crew Is HERE!

My sister and her family: husband Scott, Sam 13, Jake 11, Sophie 9, and Lilly 6 1/2 all arrived safe and sound on Tuesday and the fun hasn't stopped! There's nothing like having 4 adults and 7 children in one house at the same time... let me just say... I need to invest in some earplugs! Don't ask how many times we've run the dishes or how many gallons of milk we've gone through in two days... you just don't want to know! We're having an awesome time and I LOVE having them here!

The crew is from St. Louis, MO so yesterday we took them up Spencer Butte here in Eugene! It was really cool to see the looks on the kid's faces as we reached the top! Beautiful hike on a perfectly sunny day! Sometimes I forget that I live in such a gorJESUS place... and it takes someone visiting to remind me!

In addition to all the overwhelming fun... training continues. Although I'm in a bit of a mental/physical slump... I'm still getting out there and putting in the time and effort. I just don't know that I'm going to expect a TON of speed in this race up the in gorge. I'm simply not going to worry about it!

Yesterday's workout out? BRICK! Attacked some hills in the heat during the bike and the run... good stuff. My legs felt pretty sluggish after the hike up the Butte earlier that morning... but in the end it was a fairly decent workout... here's the stats:
  • Total Time Bike: 1 hour
  • Total Distance: 18.9 miles
  • Avg Speed: 18 and change
  • Avg HR: 146
Happy with the ride. I basically did a loop that included about 4 hill repeats. Legs felt heavy.
  • Total Time Run: 1/2 hour
  • Total Distance: 4.2
  • Avg HR: 162!!!!!
Holy CRAP that run wasn't remotely fun for me. Look at the HR... not good. But it was HOT and I was trying to keep my cadence and turn-over up. Not entirely sure what's up with my run... but oh WELL!

SO... more fun will ensue today and then tomorrow we all take off for Sun River! Whoop Whoop!


p.s. Drew tagged me with that silly question thing that you might have seen on other blogs... the jury is out as to whether I'll actually complete it!


Lewie Tenorio said...

Just happen to be blog-surfing and stumbled upon your tri-blog.
Great stories.
The Pacific Northwest sure looks ideal for tri training.
Lucky you to be able to train in such a beautiful place.

It's alway hot were I train, waters always warm, but I'm enjoying it just the same.

Cindy Jo said...

Gorgeous! Someday I will have to get out that way - my neighbor is from there and raves about it. I can see why!

About the coaching comment you left on my blog - I'm open to anything right now, so shoot me an email with suggestions: