Saturday, June 2, 2007

Eugene Street Sweeper Sprint Triathlon!

I did a sprint on my own on Thursday. I decided to call it the "Street Sweeper" b/c I had to go around one 3 different times during the bike portion! CRAZY!

Here's how it went. The distances were are as accurate as I could get them... I G-mapped the bike and run routes. During the bike, there was a lot of stopping and going. The point of this whole exercise was to just get all three events linked together once before Blue Lake. OK... so here's how it went:

  • 800 yds
  • Total Time: 11:14
  • 1st 400: 5:37
  • 2nd 400: 5:24
Felt completely comfortable and could have pushed harder. Had to do it at the Y in the 25 yd pool. LOTS of turns... kinda sucked! I haven't mastered the flip-turn so its just kind of slow.

  • 13.1 miles
  • Avg Speed: 19.1
  • Total Time: 37:32
Piece of cake. Legs felt good. Cardio was good. Could have gone faster but I was constantly having to stop for cars/stop signs etc. I put the bike route together in my head while I was swimming.... so the route wasn't ideal.

  • Total distance: 3.2 miles
  • Total Time: 19:58
Pretty pumped about the run! I Gmapped the route I took and it came to exactly 3.2 miles. Good fast run. Felt completely comfortable with the exception of my shins. I've been having some pretty sever pain immediately after my runs... as a result I'm not running at all until next Wednesday and I'll consistently ice and keep up with Ibuprofen.

Total time for the Street Sweeper:
  • 1:07:46 (If I did the math right) This time does NOT include transitions times. I'm not sure what they were... but they were slow!
Not having actually done a sprint distance tri... I'm not sure if this is really good or bad. I think its fair and am overall happy with how I felt. What I noticed is that you don't have to worry about nutrition too much at this distance! I basically had 8 oz of NUUN and 3 oz of Hammer Gel... felt well fueled the entire time! FUN!

Thursday night I was in Ashland for the night on business. Pretty successful nursing program actually! Woke up at 4 am and hit the road to Bend! Absolutely GORGEOUS drive as the sun was coming up. Took me about 3 hours to get to Drew's house... then we took off on a nice casual ride. Total distance was 23 miles and we just cruised at about 15 mph. Good times... nice to get to talk triathlon and the like while on your bike! I then went over and saw Jim... who's considering getting a new tri-bike... then hit the Juniper pool for a quick 1,600 m swim... mostly drills etc. Overall a great day!


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Chiropractor in Eugene said...

I don't know if those are good times or not but I'm sure that's more work than I want to do. Stretch those shins and get a massage would you?