Sunday, May 27, 2007

When Did I Get So Busy?!

Holy CRAP man! I'm sick and TIRED of my job getting in the way of important things like my blog! I mean really... I need to do some prioritizing here! It's simply unacceptable for me not to ramble on and on about my training and nutrition on a daily basis in my blog! Seriously...

So a couple of things that I've been differently in the last couple of weeks:
  1. No more training with the iPod. Something that they pounded into my head when I was in the military was that you train like you fight. In military terms that means you make your training as close to actual combat as possible. So I've stopped using my iPod... how many iPods do you see out on the course on race day? ZERO!
  2. Riding and running on all flats! The Pacific Crest HIM bike course changed to all flats. Actually... the total elevation on the bike course is a net loss.
  3. Training in the mid-day heat! Whenever possible, I ride and run during the hottest part of the day. Everyone that I've spoken with about Pacific Crest said that it was inhumanely HOT last year.
  4. Finally... embrace the wind. If I'm used to riding head-first into the wind and maintaining a constant speed... I'll have less to bitch about come race day if its windy!
Alrighty... So I need to do some catchup here:

We last left off with my long Saturday ride! What a kick in the pants that was!

Sunday was a swim/run/family fun day! Here's what the workouts looked like:

  • 300 yd warm-up
  • 900 yd main set
  • Total Time Main Set: 15:00
  • 300 yd cool down
  • Total Distance: 13.9736 miles
  • Total Time: 1:40 min (7:09/mile)
  • Avg HR: 158
  • Weather: cloudy/muggy
Swim was uneventful. Felt really short... 900 meters almost seemed like a waste of time... but I figured there was a reason to have such a short swim. "Just obey the training plan... obey... obeeeeeeeyyyyy" I am really pleased with the run! On the initial measurement I shorted myself by a mile... which would have meant 7:42/mile... STILL happy with that. Essentially at this stage I'll be stoked holding a 8 min mile after the bike. All good stuff!

  • Rest DAY!


  • 3oo m warm-up
  • 3 X 400 m on 45 sec rest
  • 300m cool down
  • Main Set Splits: 6:50, 7:06, 7:05
  • 6 mile warmup
  • 30 min at 40K race pace
  • 6 mile cool down
  • Avg HR: 154 BPM
  • Avg Speed: 21 mph
  • Total Dist Main Set: 10.6 miles
Alrighty. So I don't really have any feelings one way or another about the last 2 workouts. This is a recovery week so I'm just trying to get caught up on some rest and let my body recover. I'll be doing the equivalent of an Olympic Distance race tomorrow... we'll see how that goes. Overall I feel pretty strong and fit. I'm a bit troubled by the run... kinda hurts a bit... I can't really control that though so I'm not going to worry about it.

So hopefully things will slow down a bit with work and I'll be able to keep things up to date here in blogland!


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Anonymous said...

You are a big huge stud. I am so proud of my little bitty baby bubby. Go Kamikaze!! Love, Sunshine