Friday, May 11, 2007

Will it EVER end?!

Yeah... you guessed it... I'm still sick! I can't believe it man! I swear that God Himself is sabotaging my training! Am I missing something here? Am I neglecting my family, my job, my responsibilities and this is HIS way of letting me know? Nah... I'm not that important. It's just a freakin pisser that the weather has been absolutely AMAZING and I haven't been able to get out in it and sweat. I think that my bronchial symptoms are exacerbated by the hideous pollen counts here in Eugene. My allergies are just not letting up at ALL! I went to the MD today and he said that my lungs are on the road to recovery and he doped me up with allergy meds... I should be good to go!

OK! So this weekend K is taking off and I'm hangin with the 3 chillins! That means JUNK CEREAL for dinner! YES! I am hopefully attending a bike-fit seminar on Saturday morning and getting my swim AND run workouts in on Sunday! We'll have to wait and see how I feel but at this point I'm going to be positive and say YES... I'm working out this weekend!

Pole, Peddle, Paddle is in another week in Bend! Team BAT YO is going to be in FULL effect. Those guys won't know what hit 'em when we post record times on the course!


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