Monday, May 7, 2007


I'm stuck at a meeting in Seattle AND I have bronchitis! Isn't that the BEST!? I went to bed Saturday feeling like I was going to be at about 80% in the morning... instead I woke up shivering and having a hard time getting a full breath. Took my fanny to the urgent care (what a pleasant place on a Sunday morning) and got some chest X-rays. The good news is that its not pneumonia! The doc was really cool and gave me a Z-Pack and sent me home. I spent the rest of the day in bed. Luckily my wife turned on the "mommy" switch and took really good care of me. I got up this morning at 4:30 am... not to train but to get on a plane up to Seattle... about an hour flight. These meeting always drive me crazy! It seems to me that we could accomplish much of what we do in 3 days in a day! Grrrrr... but... such is life! Ultimately its probably a good thing to be out of town... I need to finish my antibiotics and rest and get healed up! I've missed way too many days of training and its driving me CRAZY! I'm actually starting to freak out a bit. Everything that I've read says that you begin to loose fitness after a week of not training! Do I have that right? Or is it two weeks? Anyway... its been 7 days since I last trained and beyond the bronchitis my joints hurt from the inactivity... I know that doesn't make any sense but its true!

Alright! Sorry... I'm a freakin ungrateful BABY! I'm lucky to have the job that I have that affords me the living that I make which supports my family and my triathlon habit! I'm blessed beyond belief and I shouldn't complain... its all about keeping it in perspective isn't it?

Can't WAIT to get back out there!

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