Friday, May 4, 2007

sick, Sick, SICK!

Boy am I tired of THIS! Essentially my entire family has been sick for the past 4 weeks... including one bout of pneumonia with Tom. I guess I was bound to get something but I didn't think it'd last this long. I've been out since Tuesday... haven't done a single workout! I have zero energy, my sinuses are plugged so badly that I can't draw a breath nor blow one out, and my lungs feel completely trashed. I'm a terrible sick person too... pretty miserable to be around b/c I'm a big grouch... add to that not really being able to work out and you have a raging A-Hole!

It's supposed to be sunny this weekend which will be a nice break from the HORENDOUS weather we've been having! My Training schedule calls for a 3 hour ride on Saturday with a shorter/moderate run. Sunday is a 1:45 min run and a 2,000 yd endurance swim. I'm really hoping to be able to do all of that! I'm especially pumped about the swim b/c I was going to head out to Dexter Reservoir with my buddy WOMBAT for the first open water swim of the season! YEAH BABY! Keep your fingers crossed for me...

After listening to Drew's interview with Vanessa Vargas on Zen and the Art of Triathlon... I got inspired to put together an endurance nutrition talk at one of the local bike shops. I think that's where most of us get confused in this sport... there's just so much information that it can be overwhelming... and we begin to loose sight of some of the basics! I'll be posting dates, times, and locations, as things come together!

Pray for clear sinuses!


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Drew Holmes said...

get better and stay away from me!!!! I do not want to be sick....sicko!!!!