Sunday, May 13, 2007

Who you callin CHICKEN!?

YES! I FINALLY got out on the bike! AND I almost killed a chicken AND a rooster! Life is SWEET! K is still out of town and I had arranged for a sitter to come and watch the heathens while I went and got some sort of workout in. I really wasn't sure what I would do but I truly felt that my lungs were healed up enough to put in some light cardio effort... plus... mentally I HAD to do something! The weather was cooperating today so I figured it'd be a perfect time to take the bike out for a spin. Did I mention that I don't have my own road bike? Well I don't so all the riding I'm doing is on my TT bike... yes... I'm the dork down in the aero-bars truckin around Eugene! ANYWHO... Here's the stats for todays ride:
  • 1 hr. 55 min
  • 32.16 miles
  • 16 mph avg speed
  • 140 bpm avg HR
The picture on the left are the chicken and the rooster that were hangin out in the road! They seemed a little put-out that I had the nerve to almost tear through them at 20 mph... so I had to pull over and grab a quick pic of em!

Ride felt pretty good. Legs felt really fresh. HR was a bit higher than I would have liked it. I don't know if that's related to being sick for so long or the fact that my Zone 1 or 2 always seems to be a bit high. I felt good the entire time was was giddy with joy to be out again!

The challenge over the next few days is to take it slow in coming back... don't get carried away... and listen to my body. If I'm tired... I need to ease up on the throttle... if I'm feelin good... I still need to keep things in check for at least another week.

Pole, Paddle, Peddle is in less than a week! I'm PUMPED and so is my team! It's going to be a really really FUN event!

Until later...


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