Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Flippin FAST!

Yesterday was my first official day back into training! After a 2 week hiatus due to illness I've been pretty stressed about coming back... how much fitness have I lost? Are my lungs going to recover adequately to perform? Now that the Willamette Valley Pollen of DEATH season is upon us, will I be able to train adequately? All of these are complete unknowns for me... I just don't have the experience to predict what's going to happen. I did get some very simple and sage advice from CoachAdam on Triscoop: "Listen to your body" In other words, just pay attention to your body and obey what its demanding of you. Basically, if you feel good? Train. If you don't? Take it easy. Pretty simple!
So here are the workouts I got in on Tuesday:

AM Swim:
- 300 yd warm-up
- 3 X 400 yd repeats on 45 sec RI
- 300 yd cool-down
- 1800 yds total
- avg 1:32/100

Overall purty good! One of the things that I noticed is that b/c I'm taking Albuterol for the time being, my HR is elevated between 5 to 10 BPM even at rest. In addition I feel like I can't quite get a complete breath. Not fun. Having said that both the swim and the run felt good overall. The discouraging thing about the swim splits is that I know if I had been able to be in the pool for that two weeks... they could be faster. Oh well... can't control what happened two weeks ago right... movin on.

PM Bike:
- Easy spin warm-up
- 30 min @ 40K race pace
- Easy spin cool-down
- Total Distance: 31.7 miles
- Total Time: 1: 45 min
- Avg HR: 148 BPM

GorJESUS day out so it was really nice to be out on the open road. The 30 TT was really fun! Here's the thing... I took off and was holding between 23 to 25 mph the entire time and barely breathing! When I got done, flipped around and started heading the opposite direction... that's when I realized that during the entire time trial... I was running WITH THE WIND! Bah HA HA! That's just hilarious! I was like, "Man I'm such a STUD! Look at me... yeah yeah... I gots mad cycling skills yo!" What a joke! As soon as a turned around my speed dropped to 16 mph! Yeah, I'm a chump... but I still had FUN!

Off to Bend this weekend for the Pole, Peddle, Paddle! Its gonna be SWEET!


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