Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I just read through my previous post... what a BASKET CASE! Geesh... sorry about that! Eh... it happens.

Check out the head wrinkles man... I'm a WRINKLY bastard aint I?!

So yesterday was a day of rest. Apparently I needed it. I also had the pleasure of hopping over to Coos Bay for a little overnight b/c I had a breakfast presentation at one of the clinics over there. Talk about a depressing place! I went over late and ended up staying at The Mill Hotel and Casino... ewwwwwww. That's right... a bunch of obese people drinking booze, smoking cigarettes, and playing slots.... most of them missing more than one tooth. Nasty! Except for the missin teeth and obesity... they reminded me a lot of my old fraternity brothers... but I degress!

This morning was a "high-intensity" swim and here's what it looked like:

- 300 yd warm-up (swim, pull, kick)
- 5 X 200 yd intervals at sprint triathlon pace on 30 seconds rest.
- 400 yd cool-down (drills)

The whole session felt really good. I didn't push too hard on the intervals. Basically my goal was to be consistent. Each interval from 1st to 5th were at 2:55 per 200 yd. Very happy with the consistency and the lack of fatigue. Basically I got out of the pool feeling like I could have kept going for another 1,700 yds.

I was really looking forward to getting outside and doing my "high-intensity" ride this afternoon... but the weather had other ideas. It was POURING... then it was HAILING... and it was NIPPLE-SCREAMIN cold! Time to break out the trainer... again. So here's what the workout looked like:

- 20 min warm-up
- 6 X 1 mile intervals at sprint triathlon pace on 3 min active rest (spinning)
- 10 min cool-down

So not really knowing what my sprint triathlon race pace would be on the bike... I just picked a number. I figured that averaging 20 mph would be acceptable... although now... sitting here writing this... that seems a bit slow for that distance. So what I did on the trainer is I went all out for 3 minutes. Each interval took my HR up to around 156... so maybe saying that I went "all out" is a slight exageration... could have gone harder. Again, one of my goals for the workout was consistency... and I met that goal... niiiiiiiice.

OH! So I'm talking to a local bike shop that also carries some tri-stuff about sponsorship. I'll wait to drop the name of the shop in case things don't work out the way I want them to. Basically what I'd like to see on the table is a 20% discount on all tri-related gear in the shop. In exchange I'll represent the shop at every race I participate in. I really want to support this shop and I think that the tri-scene in Eugene is getting ready to take off... we'll see where it goes.

That's it for now....


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