Sunday, April 15, 2007

WHY do I feel like CRAP???

So this is the Hammer Nutrition logo... really great stuff! I'm partial to Hammer Gel, Hammer Heed (electrolyte beverage), Perpetuem (for workouts over 2 hrs), and Recoverite (recovery). They don't put a lot of crap in their products and are really good about supporting endurance sports and educating athletes about nutrition. I have a link to their website in my links section... check it out!

Call me crazy but I thought during a recovery week you were supposed to feel GOOD! Good LORD! I just got back from an hour long run and my joints hurt, my groin is aching, and my attitude sucks! What GIVES??? I just don't get it. I've been struggling all week with feeling sore and out of sorts... and it's really getting under my skin! I assume that its just the nature of training and putting in the hours... you're just not going to feel like a rock star ALL the time. I suppose I should look at it as an opportunity to build on my mental resilience... yeah... that's the ticket! BLAH!

Saturday I did 1 1/2 hrs on the trainer due to weather. Good and bad. Legs felt pretty good... video games were fun... not being outside and riding SUCKED!

So this morning I did an hour long run:

- Total time: 1:00:02
- Total Milege: 8.0222
- Avg HR: 163
- Pace: 7:29:00/mile
- Route:

Like I said... I basically felt like crap the entire time. The only saving grace was that Jetpack kept me company on the IPod. Jetpack is one of the sponsored triathletes from Race Athlete and also has a blog and a podcast and spends some time on Triscoop. Seems like a pretty interesting dude. Cancer survivor, pilot, former fat-body. It was helpful to listen to him so I didn't focus on how hard I was suckin on this run!

This afternoon I did a 1,200 yd endurance swim:

- 200 yd warmup/drills
- 1,200 yd. main set
- 200 yd cool down
- Total time: 19:34
- 1st 600 yds: 9:47
- 2nd 600 yds: 9:46

Felt pretty good in the pool. No cramping of any signifigance and my right groin actually seemed to loosen up a bit. I was really happy with the consistent split. That's a big deal... so there was a positive outcome today! If I can hold that pace for another 600 yds I could come in under 30 min. for 1.2 miles... that's the goal... so yeah me!

OK! So then I go onto Triscoop and check out some of the posts in the "Shout Box". There are 3 Triscoopers doing Ironman Arizona! I check they're splits on the site and Bryan placed 25th overall! Is that AWESOME or WHAT? So then I'm thinkin, "Dude... you're such a pansy! Here you are bitchin and moanin about having a couple of mediocre workouts.... wahhhhhhh... poooooooor me! When these guys are out there doin 140 + miles of pain in one day!" That really helped me put things into perspective... I'll be less quick to bitch and moan next time I hit a rough day!

Got an email from a local guy named Scott that does triathlon... I might actually get a training partner! COOL!

That's it for now! Sorry for the bitch session!


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