Thursday, April 19, 2007

Race Schedule...

AlRIGHTY! So I figured I'd finally post how my 2007 season is shaping up! Here's are the races that I'm currently registerd for:

- Eugene Half-marathon (April 29th Eugene, Oregon)
- Pole, Pedal, Paddle (May 19th Bend, Oregon)
- Blue Lake Olympic (June 10th Troutdale, Oregon)
- Pacific Crest Half-Ironman (June 23rd Sun River, Oregon)
- Escape from the Gorge Olympic (Sept 9th Cascade Locks, Oregon)

That's it for now. There's a HUGE gap between the Pacific Crest and the Escape... I might have to fill something in there to keep me motivated. Considering this is my first full season in the sport... this just might be enough... who knows!

More on how training is coming along tomorrow! Thanks for visiting... leave a comment!


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Brian said...

Another Oregon tri-er checking in.
live in Corvallis, work in Eugene.

Enjoy the blog - came from a link on Drew's site.