Friday, April 20, 2007

Dinner with Drew and Co!

So HEY... guess what? I got to meet Drew and his family for dinner last night while I was in Ashland! VERY cool! It just so happened that he and I had business to take care of in that area so we hooked up for some eats! Pretty fun... AND I made a new friend in Drew's ADORABLE daughter Jannelle! She even drew me a picture! She is completely full of beans... and its no surprise that she's Drew's daughter! If you haven't checked out Drew's blog take a peak... its in my links...
Alright... so a quick catch-up on the training! Wednesday was a speed-work day out on the bark trail and here's what it looked like:

- 20 min warm-up (slow jog)
- 3 X 1,000 meter repeats at estimated sprint tri pace followed by 3 min active recovery (slow jog)
- 10 min cool-down
- HR maxed out at 175

So I really have no idea what my "Sprint Triathlon Pace" would be for the run... and I didn't put a whole lot of thought into it... basically I went hard enough to feel the pain toward the end of the 1,000 meters! Here's my splits:

- 4:05
- 4:07
- 3:58

Fairly consistent and I'm happy that I was able to pick it up on the last one without bursting a lung. Will someone do the math for me and figure out what those splits would mean over a mile? I'm feeling too lazy... thanks! The only issue I had was my right groin... it just feels a bit sensitive... like I could really pull it if I'm not careful.

Thursday was my brick day! YES! After driving down to Ashland... listening to Brett's latest Podcast from Zen and the Art of Triathlon... I was ready to blow some steam. There's a paved bike trail that goes from Ashland and heads North all the way to Medford... called the Bear Creek Trail. Pretty cool not having to ride in traffic at that time of day and it was completely flat also... sweeeeet. The only problem was that when I reached the 10 mile mark... the path was closed... had to turn around! Bummer. Here's what the brick looked like:

- 1:15 on the bike (23 miles easy, avg HR 146)
- 3 min transition
- 20 min run (? miles, avg HR 152)

Everything felt really good! The pace of this particular brick was supposed to be relaxed and I felt comfortable the entire time. I'm having a little issue with the outside of my right ankle. Basically after riding its pretty sore... kind of a throbbing pain that radiates up the outside of my right calf. I'm thinking that my cleat might not be placed right in relation to my peddle... gotta get that checked out.

Alright! Feeling good as I head into the weekend! Ready for my long ride on Saturday and my long run and 1 mile time trial in the pool on Sunday!


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