Saturday, April 7, 2007


Not having a home computer SUCKS! I'm biting the bullet and going to pick-up a MacBook today... it's gonna be SWEET!

Yesterday was a "non-key" workout day. Fridays are a morning swim and and afternoon bike. Both of which are supposed to be moderate in distance and intensity. Got up early to hit the pool and ended up doing 1,800 yds worth of drills. I've been reading this book called, "Total Immersion". I think that's the title. Anyway, its all about making your body as "fish-like" in the water as possible... lengthening your stroke etc. The idea is that more powerful doesn't necessarily interpret into faster swimming... a more stream-lined form does. So I spent a lot of time concentrating on lengthening my stroke, being smooth and fluid, and working on bi-lateral breathing. Overall it was a really nice workout... not difficult by any means. I came out of the pool not feeling fatigued in the least... even though to date that is the furthest I've swum. If my math is right I swam just over a mile pretty much continuously! Pretty cool! I'm pretty pumped about how my body is coming along in terms of the volume of workouts. The training program that I'm using is really working b/c the volume is increasing every week but I'm not hurting myself in the process.

That afternoon it was absolutely gorgeous outside. In the 70's, sunny, no wind... a perfect day for a light ride... only I didn't do one. HA HA HA! Yeah... you're supposed to be all intense and focused and driven to do all this triathlon training stuff... 100% of the time. Well... I FLAKED on the bike yesterday. I had the rare opportunity to pick my eldest son up from school and hang out with him for a couple of hours... just he and I. It was priceless and I have absolutely ZERO regrets. He's a cool dude and I've missed him over the last couple of weeks. That's the thing about triathlon and not being a pro... its definitely a lifestyle and I love the focus and intensity it brings to my workouts... but its also nice to be able to drop it for a half day and focus on what's really really REALLY important... which is your support crew... your family!

Woke up Saturday to MISERABLE weather. It was cold and POURING! Needless to say I had a hard time justifying getting the kids up to go watch Drew in the Beaver Freezer... sorry Drew! I'm sure you kicked ass even without my support! Anyway... in addition to the weather being crummy I felt like complete CRAP! I don't know what it was but my legs just felt like hell... my lower back... my shoulders... pretty much everywhere. The morning workout was supposed to be a "non-key" run... so I bagged it and made breakfast for the kiddos. The day went on and I felt a bit better... but not near 100%. I was really questioning whether I should try my long ride today (2hrs) so I thought that I'd just hope on the trainer and see how I felt. Worked out pretty good... 2 hrs on the trainer, got to talk to my brother on the phone, played some video games with my son, sweated a TON, and got through the ride feeling pretty good! Legs feel WAY better than they did this morning... maybe I just needed to put in a workout to get loose again.

Looking forward to my long run and swim tomorrow. 1:20 min run and 1,700 yd endurance swim. FUN!


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