Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday and the ICE BATH!

Happy Easter! Besides getting up at 4 am to hide some eggs and throw jelly beans all around the living room like the Easter Bunny on crack... I had a nice day. Today was an endurance swim and and endurance run... the only problem was that there were no pools open on Easter Sunday! Geesh... who does this Jesus guy think he is anyway? A real dedicated triathlete would have found some open water to go swim in... but I was enjoying the jellybeans and chocolate too much to put forth that kind of effort. I settled on a longish run instead.

Legs felt a bit tired after yesterday's trainer torture but I was excited to get out there and run. The weather was perfect... probably about 60 degrees, light breeze from the East, partial clouds... ideal. All of my endurance bikes and runs are based off of time and not distance... so today's run was 1:20 at whatever pace I chose. In my mind I was running a solid 7:30 pace... in actuality I averaged a 8:16 mile... what a TURD! Seriously... I was extremely dejected after I gmapped the run and figured out that I had only covered 9.6 miles. I had to remind myself that the last mile and a half was done up a fairly steep grade... but I was still really disappointed. That's not even close to where I want to finish my half-marathon in. THEN I remembered that I'm only entering my 9th week of this training thing and that my training is progressing well and that I'm not injured and that I need to be patient. So here's the route I took if you want to check it out:

When I got done with the run, my legs were extremely sore and tired. I think it had to do with the hill at the end AND the big fat ride yesterday... SO... what's a guy to do but take an icebath! NOT fun but boy does it work! The kids thought it was hilarious seeing their skinny-assed daddy freezing in an extremely cold bath! I'm glad I did it though... legs feel good tonight... attitude is good... and I'm ready for a nice rest day tomorrow!


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