Thursday, April 5, 2007

Catch Up...

ALRIGHT! Enough flakiness... here's what's been happenin' over the last couple of days:

Wednesday was a speed day! What really sucked was waking up to a morning that was less than perfect. Basically it could have been a cold morning in January if I didn't know any better. RAINY, COLD, WINDY! YUCK! Fantastic for a little mental workout huh? I mean... what are you going to do on race day if its crappy out? Roll over and hit the snooze? Snuggle back into your comfy bed? Say, "Eh, I don't feel like racing today... forget the entry fee and all the hard work... I'll do it next year." HELL NO... you get your ass up and get out there! So that's what I did:
  • 2 mi warm-up
  • 10 x 400m sprints on 3 min jog
  • 2 mi cool-down

I did all the repeats on the Amazon bark trail. Basically its a 4 mile loop on nice cushy bark trails... all of it marked every 400m... really nice. It also just happens to be where all of the University of Oregon track and cross country teams get their workouts in... talk about humbling. You wouldn't believe these guys and gals... incredibly beautiful runners... strong, sleek, fast, smooth... almost poetic. So there I was... doing repeats among these amazing athletes... pretty inspirational. My splits were consistent and faster than they were last week 1:17/400m.

That afternoon I headed over to Bend for a little business trip and gave a friend of mine from college a call. Jim has been a good friend over the years and he has a blossoming passion for triathlon. It was cool to see him and his two kiddos and get to catch up a bit. Jim will be joining me at Pacific Crest for the half IM! Niiiiiiiice

Today, Thursday, was, of course... BRICK DAY! YES! A little stiff from the repeats yesterday but overall felt pretty fresh. Wednesday night after dinner, I fell asleep at 9pm so I was really well rested... but a bit stiff none-the-less. So here's what I did:

  • 1 hour bike
  • 20 min run
  • "easy" pace

Felt pretty darn good on the bike after the initial 5 to 10 minutes... Kept my HR down at 130 bpm and spun at 90 rpm. Felt fresh on the run holding a 7 min/mi pace at a HR of 147 without really feeling strained. Good workout... although as I write this my legs do feel a bit smoked!

Got to hook up with Drew at Starbucks for a little tri talk and coffee. He's hittin the Beaver Freezer this weekend which is a sprint distance race... the dude is going to smoke it! Best of luck Drew!

Alright... enough from me... I gotta get a new computer SOON! All this writing and no pictures is making me SICK!


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