Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Swim Legs?

I'm not entirely sure... but I think my swim is getting stronger! YES! It just seems that every time I come back to the pool I can swim longer and faster with less fatigue... and that's a good thing! Ultimately my goal is to come out of the swim portion of the Pacific Crest Half IM with a 29.55 swim split. I have no real idea if that's a realistic goal or not... but that's what I'm shootin for... I've read somewhere that you need to set "stretch goals"... well... that's definitely a stretch but I also believe its achievable!

So here's this morning's swim workout:

  • 400 yd warm-up (swim, pull, kick, swim)
  • 10 X 100 yd sprints on 30 sec rest
  • 200 yd cool down (swim)

This afternoon's workout was spent on the trainer... not my favorite... but better than braving the elements today! I was also limited on time b/c today was the first day of my daughter's soccer practice... of which I'm the coach... pile it ON baby! Anyway... here's the workout:

  • 16 mile warmup
  • 10 x 1 km sprints on 3 min spin recovery
  • 12 mile cooldown

Basically I covered the 1 km in 1 min 25 seconds for intervals 1 through 10... at least I'm consistent! The legs were really burning during the sprints... which is the point. I was happy overall with the workout... except for the fac that it was inside!

Off to Bend tomorrow on business where I hope to hookup with Drew and get a workout in with him! He's in the middle of a taper week for the Beaver Freezer this coming weekend... but we can probably still run or something!

OH! My desktop crashed.... which explains the lack of pictures and the long diatribes!


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Drew Holmes said...

See you in Bend and added a link on my site for my fellow Oregonian. Blog is coming along nice