Friday, April 27, 2007

Drew is SPOILED!

So Thursday I drive over to Bend to take care of some work stuff but as an added bonus I got to hook-up with Drew and his buddy Bruce and go for a SWEET ride! I say that Drew is spoiled b/c you would not believe the ride that we took! We were surrounded by amazing scenery the entire 24 miles, the sun was out, the sky was blue, it was roughly 68 degrees, AND there was little to no traffic! If I had it that good I would be a complete riding stud too! BUT... since I don't and since I'm not... I just felt lucky to be out there riding with those guys shootin the bull and having a great time!

Thanks Drew and Bruce! I'll definitley be back for more!

OK! SO! The Eugene Half Marathon is this coming Sunday! The weather is suppossed to be perfect and the course is flat. I'm just using this as a training run really. I plan to do 8 min miles and have a good time! It's supposed to be huge race... there's a full marathon, a half, a 5k, and a kid's fun run. The course winds through Eugene as well as a stretch along the mighty Willamette River finishing at Autzen Stadium. I'm really looking forward to it... events like this get the community completely fired up... which is always a fun thing to be a part of. Start time is 7 am so I figure I'll take off from my house on my bike around 5:30 am so that I can park it at the finish... that way it'll be there when I'm done and I can just ride home... no worries or hassles with the traffic!

The ankle is a bit sore but I'm trusting in my PT and hoping for the best! Can't wait to write up the race report! Tomorrow I'll do a really light run with a little speed thrown in to make sure the legs work....


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