Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lies and Injury!

Kind of a rough couple of days since I last wrote! Monday was a total rest day... and TOM got pneumonia! Yes... pneumonia! K couldn't change her schedule so I stepped up to bat and hung with the sick boy all day. He had a tremendous attitude the whole day despite the horrendous cough. We listened to some Dylan and played with Playdough. NICE!

Tuesday was a big and swim day. Here's what the swim looked like:

- 300 yd warm-up (swim, pull, kick)
- 6 X 200 yds at sprint tri pace on 30 seconds rest
- 300 yd cool-down (drills)
- 1:30/100 yds

The pool was freakin COLD! What was up with that? Anyway, I felt pretty good in the water and don't have any complaints. Although, I would like to get that time down per 100 yds.

Here's the bike, (done on the trainer b/c of incliment weather):

- 20 min warm-up
- 8 X 1 mile repeats at sprint tri speed on 3 min active rest
-20 min cool-down

Doing this kind of workout on the trainer totally bites. Basically I got through it b/c I knew I needed to... but I wasn't happy about it. I can't WAIT to be able to ride outside consistently to do my bike workouts.

Today was a speed work day on the bark trail! From the get-go things started out suckin! So I'm warming up and I realize that I'd be doing the same workout I did last Wednesday only two more times... and then I realized that I shorted myself by 400 meters on each interval! I SUCK! MAN! I was so mad at myself for doing that! You'd think I would have figured it out once I was looking at my times... but nooooooo... math is not my strong suit!

So here's what the real workout looked like:

- 2 mile warm-up
- 4 X 1000 m intervals at sprint tri pace on 3 min active rest
- Splits: 3:57, 3:58, 3:55, 3:53
- 1 mile cool-down

So the intervals felt good. I felt strong. My right leg felt like it was going to explode when I got done. I had SEVERE pain radiating from the right ankle all the way up the outside of my calf and stopping at my knee. I could barely walk after I got done it hurt so bad. WIERD! So I piled my sorry butt into the car and came home. Mentally I was totally destroyed! Seriously, my mind went all the way to, "What the hell am I going to do now!? I finally found my "thing" and now I'm not going to be able to do it b/c its overwhelmingly painful!" I was a mess! After about 20 minutes the pain dissipated and I took some ibuprophen. I was able to see one of our friends that's a physical therapist and a triathlete! She related the pain in my ankle to a knee injury that I got while I was in Ranger school 14 years ago! She made some adjustments to my knee and told me not to run for at least 2 days. Apparently I'll be cured after that time! SWEET! Keep your fingers crossed!

4 days until the Eugene half marathon... I'm pumped!


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