Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sir Poop A LOT!

So today's workout was a moderate morning run with a 1:30 min ride in the afternoon. Got up at the crack of crack to get the run out of the way. I figured I'd put in 40 min at a 8min/mi pace... I got about 30 min into it and was RACKED with cramps... I HAD to go "drop the kids off at the pool"... but there are no bathrooms anywhere in site! Needless to say, I cut the run short and jetted home... barely making it to the bathroom where I unleashed the fury of my bowels! Too much information huh? I don't know what happened. I rarely have problems with the plumbing. The only thing I can think of is that I'm gradually waking up earlier and earlier to get at least one of my workouts out of the way... so my body is adjusting.

The bike was great! I put in just over 25 miles on an extremely hilly course. Average speed suffered a bit but I did get up to 42mph on the downhill... yes... pucker-factor was really high! I'm trying to figure out my caloric needs on these rides so here is what I consumed: 2 X 24 oz bottles Gatorade + NUUN, 1 Banana, 1/2 Power Bar, and 2 oz Hammer Gel. Overall felt pretty durn good! Getting these tragically skinny runners legs into riding shape is a bit challenging... but I'll keep plugging away.

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Drew Holmes said...

Nice start to the blog Rob keep it up and I will follow along on the journey. see you at pacific crest if not before.