Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ok... so the previous post is actually about Sat. the 24th! Can you tell that I'm new to all this blog stuff?

OK! So today I did an early morning run in the rain and the muck. I swear it was coming down in sheets for about the first 40 min of the run... then it let up. I did the "Pre Trail"... as in Steve Prefontainea couple of times. You always feel a little bit faster than usual when you run on that thing... lots of history there! Overall it was a 1 hr 2 min run at about a 7:30/mile pace. Legs felt a bit sluggish due to the hilly ride yesterday but overall it was nice to be out.

This afternoon was an "endurance" swim. 3oo yd. warm-up, 1,200 yd. main set, 300 yd. cool-down... overall 1,800 yds. Felt really strong and comfortable in the water... I think my stroke is actually improving a bit! The only trouble I had was at about 1,000 yds. into the main set... really bad foot cramp. Basically its right in the middle of the arch of my left foot. I tried to pull through it but had to stop, get out, and stretch it before finishing. Really frustrating! I'm trying to figure out why that's happening... it happened on Tuesday too. I have no idea how to cope with that if I'm out on an open-water swim or in the middle of a race! Gotta figure that out!

Overall it was a really good day! Day of rest tomorrow! I think I need it

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