Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Sugar-Coma Day!!!!

Yeah.  It's alllllllll about Jesus.  Such an ODD holiday isn't it?  Talk about Hallmark running away with something!  GEESH!

Quick training update!  Since my epiphany the other day... I've been enjoying the suffering immensely.  The last week of training culminated in a 5.5 hour ride with a 40 min run off the bike yesterday. Built into that ride was 2.5 hours of race-paced efforts and I covered more mileage that I ever have before.  Liz keeps telling me that this is ALL new territory for me... and I'm loving the new challenges!  I'm pleased to say that coming off the bike... my run was solid.  It took me less than a half mile to find my stride and tick off the remaining miles at my race pace.  Surprised and very happy about that!

Currently enjoying a rest day with the family... which, of course, includes pornographic amounts of sweets, coloring eggs, decorating cookies, and general delicious debauchery.

Thanks for taking the time to read!  Hope you're all happy, healthy, and whole!  Training for me continues to build for another week before entering a recovery week.  Yip Yip YEHAW!

Enjoy some pictures of the festivities and....


Jack catching up on some comics while waiting for the perfect tint.

I got the one egg that exploded!

That's my boy TOM!


IronJenny said...

your kids are so beautiful. Great pictures.
Happy belated Easter!

Colleen said...

Loved the pictures! The kids are too cute!!! YAY for sugar and I'm scared to say this... YAY for the pain of working hard!