Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bringin it back!

My body and mind are beginning to remember what its like to work... and they both LOVE it! Liz is extremely talented at making all of my workouts purposeful. Think about that word for a second... purposeful. Doing something with purpose. I mean really... I don't have a lot of time to waste. I need things to count, and Liz understands that and applies that not only to me... but to any athlete she works with. I'm pretty good at doing what I'm told, some of the time. I just like to understand the path that I'm on... tell me why I'm doing this... and if it makes sense... I'm IN! Just like Sally... I'm IN! Liz has plans for me... and those plans match my goals... its symbiotic... which is nice.

Training is going really well. The challenge for me is remembering where I am within the season. I keep reminding myself that this is the 3rd WEEK of my 6 month training cycle leading to CdA. THEREFORE... things are slower... I'm building strength... I'm becoming "durable"... which is the reason for all of the funky running drills and crazy core exercises like, "The Scorpion"... yeah, I'm not making it up... and yes... it stings!
This afternoon I was able to take advantage of some REALLY unusually sunny and warm January weather here in Eugene! I headed over to the world famous Hayward Field where I proceeded to go through about 35 minutes of running drills. You can't HELP but feel super cool and fast at Hayward field. Then again, it's hard to feel fast as an almost middle-aged, skinny white guy when you're surrounded be running gods and goddesses! Oh... don't you worry. I gave them the business. Yeah. I unleashed some serious intimidation skillz out there on the track... and I only got laughed at once. Good times good times.

Ok. SO! I "fired" my PT. Not really fired... but made a semi-aggressive move to someone else in the practice that is a triathlete AND just HAPPENS to be doing IM CdA this year as well. And wouldn't ya know... my shoulder? Well... let's just say that I'm VERY confident that I will be in the pool in very short order. One session with this woman and I've already noticed a significant improvement in my strength and range of motion! YES!!!

That's about it for the moment. OH! I was thinking the other day. I do that. I think. Yeah. So I was thinking the other day about steps... and how many we take in a day. I was running and I thought, "This is so simple." Forward motion. One foot at a time. Padpadpadpadpadpadpad. That sound. That's all there really is in that moment right? Just the sound of your feet... and your breath... and if you can just quiet the rest of the crap down... just for a minute... or 20... or an hour... isn't it just simple. Yeah... I know. Cool huh?

Whew... that was random.

Hope you're all happy, healthy, and whole... and not freezing your fanny's off out there! Enjoy your base training ok? Don't fear a goal. Don't fear verbalizing a goal. Don't fear TALKING about your goal. I want your goals too... just for you.

WOW... random AGAIN! I'm on FIRE tonight!



Ryan said...

Semi aggressive move from skinny white guy is quite laughable!

I realize how puny we are as triathletes by my recent move. I sit here at Camp Lejeune NC, the center of grunt life for the US Marines. Now granted I am 6'5 220 lbs, quite large as a triathlete but puny on this base. I lack what apparently every marine on this base has...upper body muscle mass.

Any move by me on this base would be also considered semi-aggressive because, here I resemble a white ethiopian; with sculpted vascular legs of course!

Glad to hear your shoulder is doing better.

Molly said...

Hey did I tell you I am coming up to spectate CDA? I have a friend doing her first IM there and so I will get to cheer for you and Marit and everyone else!

Di said...

The Scorpion sounds pretty cool, especially if it does sting. It's so cliche but no pain....no gain.

You are right about a workout being purposeful. I think most of us don't really have time to waste.

BTW: glad to hear you will be in the pool soon!

Charisa said...

Ohhhhh, just living near proximity to Hayward Field already makes you super dooperly cool! You don't even need to run fast to be cool - just tell people you work out at Hayward Field :) Awesome job - keep it up!

Drew Holmes said...

Ahhhh yes Hayward field.....used to live 1 block from there...back when I was chubby and not into sports at all...ok not chubby but soft. looking forward to seeing you soon and the countdown for IRONMAN has begun....

IronJenny said...

OK, jealous? Yes, I am. Very.
Was that photo taken last summer? We actually have warmed up to the low 20's, which is MUCH much better.
Good goals, good attitude. Take your time developing your base. One day soon you'll long for these low zone, base building, zen-like workouts!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Okay - i love the visual picture of running and the sound of feet on the pavement. I will carry that with me during my run on Sunday - thanks! You know - I'm dealing with the same issues as you are in terms of Im CDA. We've got along way to go, don't we! :) Hang in there, though! Great post - it made me smile.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

I hope you gave the folks at the famous track the "business"! I laughed because I have been there once before, in Park City UT trying (barely) to run intervals on the track... Only to my embarrassment, who shows up but the Olympic Bobsled team, all former track and field olympians! It was a humorous day and they thanked me for making them laugh! Keep enjoying training!