Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yes... I'm Alive...

I got lined out by a certain Beth for not posting... so HERE! FINE! Here it IS! Are ya happy now!? Geesh!

LOL... I'm only offended and defensive b/c she's right! I tell ya what tho... having just survived the first week of school for all 3 kids, (yes, my baby Tom started Kindergarten), working, being super duper husband guy, coaching two soccer teams AND training like I mean it... my extra time has been limited! Something's gotta give right?

Ok... so... ONWARD! After my "easy" week of testing in all three sports... training has picked up again. To use Coach Liz's exact words, "Workouts are building strong Rob machine". Seriously... by the time she's done with me... I might actually have something that remotely looks like an ass! Yeah! I know! Cool huh?! Take yesterday's ride for instance... lots of intervals.... over-geared.... up big hills... no whining allowed. Good times! Here's the power data below:
Overgeared/low-cadence intervals on the flats and the low-cadence up what I would call... I big freakin hill. This might not seem terribly burly to someone like James... but I'm tellin ya... my boo-tocks tell ME that it was pretty brutalis! Yes... "brutalis" is a word... look it up! Just because its not in the dictionary doesn't mean that it doesn't make sense! Anywho! My point is... the training has been challenging yet not overly so... I feel exhausted but I'm ready to perform the next day at the level that I should. Couldn't do it without Liz... and that's a fact jack!

This morning was a 1:45 min run with a tempo finish. I covered 14.2 miles which works out to an average pace of 7:23/mile. Not overly fast but I was happy covering that ground the majority of the time in Zone 2. The last mile of the tempo portion of the workout clocked in at a 6:30... that on really tired legs. My fitness is really coming along and I LOVE it! Stronger every week! YAY!

Other... more important events? As mentioned above, all three of the kiddos started school last week! Jack entered the world of pre-teen angst that is middle school, Lila started 3rd grade, and Tom? Well... Mr. Tom started Kindergarten! I'm thrilled and proud and excited and sad all at the same time! They are all entering another stage of their lives where there is SO much potential for FANTASTIC things to happen... and I just can't WAIT!

OH! AND! In addition to THAT!? Tom got to go to his first University of Oregon football game! As you can see... he was completely decked out in his official Duck gear and had a GREAT time! Of course... it was less about the football and more about the snacks that Daddy will let him have at the game... but who CARES right!? Football is for idiots anyway... uh... um... did I just type that? Out loud? Oooops... my bad.

That's about IT in Tri-Rob land!

Before I go... I just wanted to wish someone that I'm extremely close with, a very happy anniversary! You two are very lucky to have one another... here's to, "The rest of my f'ing LIFE!!!" LOL Hm... PDW! YES!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you're all happy, healthy, and whole...



Anonymous said...

damn dude...your kiddos are freakin' adorable. Great job on the training. You're going to be MORE than ready for the big day.

Samantha said...

thanks for the bday wishes. two great workouts today and an awesome dinner with a bunch of friends so all in all it was pretty good. I'm a pretty low key kinda person...and I think I figured out my plumbing problems...the tank is cracke but I'm friends with my neighbor so i'm all good. haha.

Bigun said... "Head and Shoulders"...for hair growth that rivals a cave man!

jameson said...

I love football... but I am also an idiot... you I'm not offended.

Sounds like training is going very well. Don't stop!

Becky said...

Go Ducks!! lol