Monday, September 1, 2008

Take A Moment...

today... to say "THANK YOU!!!!!"... for completely pointless days off!  YES!  America RULES!

As far as triathlon goes... things are trucking along swimmingly!  No pun intended.  This past week, I retested in every sport to see how things are progressing.  I HATE... I know, strong word... but I really do hate testing.  Why?  I'm completely terrified of failure! LOL... isn't that hilarious?!  I mean really... this is a hobby right? My paycheck doesn't depend on my fitness, nor does the love of my family and friends.  I just want to "do good".  Ya know?  This is all self-imposed pressure... and to an extent... I believe it's necessary.  SO... keep the testing coming. It keeps me engaged.

So here's an outline of the results:
  • Swim: About the same as the last test: 1:20/100 yds
  • Bike: My anaerobic threshold has come up about 6 beats/min.
  • Run: I dropped 21 seconds/mile averaging 6:09/mile while staying within the same HR zone.
Overall... really happy!  I'd like to see the swim come down a bit more and know that that is within my reach.  There's ALWAYS room for improvement on the Bike for me!  So I'll keep plugging away at that.  The run... well... I'm happy with that... but of course... I'd like to get faster (sub 6 min miles would be ideal).

Hope you're all happy, healthy, and whole.

If you happen to be on vacation right now... perhaps at the lake spending time with your family... have a great time... take a couple of minutes every day to look around appreciate all that you have.  You are loved.  Hm.



blink said...

"take a couple of minutes every day to look around appreciate all that you have."

Amen brother.


jameson said...

solid progress dude. The guys in clearwater aren't going to know what hit'em! don't let up.

Anonymous said...

No. Thank you!

Bigun said...

great progress, goofy. Stick with the plan and get ready to really crank in Clearwater...eye on the prize!

Drew Holmes said...

I am going to kick your arse at IM a drinking competition.......see ya soon