Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back At It!

<--- I dunno. I just thought it was funny.

Week 1 has come and gone and it's felt really good to get back into a routine. Nothing too intense this week. As a matter of fact... I won't be doing anything overly intense for the rest of the month. August is the time where Liz has me ramping the volume back up and getting me ready to start hitting it hard starting in September leading to Clearwater.

Here's a re-cap of the week:

Tues: 2000m swim and 40 min run
Wed: 1 hour bike
Thurs: 50 min run
Fri: 3200m swim
Sat: 2 hour ride/15 min run
Sun: 45 min on the trainer and 2000m swim

See what I mean? MELLOW! Liz specifically told me to be patient... and guess what? That's TOTALLY not in my nature! Go figure. BUT... I'm being a good boy and doing as I'm told. THAT is a miracle! I will say that I just looked at next week's schedule... and apparently... things are kicking up a notch. Good news! I'm ready.

All of the logistics for Clearwater are coming together nicely... honestly... I can't believe I'm really going. Buying the plane tickets and working out the travel to and fro turned out to be a bit complicated... although... I will say... a layover in someplace like Minneapolis would have been pretty fun!

Did you know that it binds soluble AND trans-membrane bound TNF? Well? Did ya? It does.

Randomness. I know.

Hope your all happy, healthy, whole, and NOT lighting your hair on fire.


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