Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Luvs Me Some Apple Sauce...

Uh. I couldn't think of a witty title... so I went with the above.

The weather in Eugene was really kind to me this weekend! Saturday it was POURING down rain... then it was hailing... then I said, "Hey... I have to get my long run in!"... and it cleared. Seriously. The clouds parted, I called Scott, and we took off. Once again... everyone should have a dude like Scott around for training. The guy is unstoppable. I'm willing to loan him out... cheap. It'll only cost you like... one gel. ANYWAY... we did a hilly route along Loraine Hwy... which is good and bad. Good b/c the scenery is incredible. Bad b/c there are some sharp turns and generally at least ONE redneck in a big truck that likes to pretend he/she is in NASCAR. Here's what we did:
  • Total Time: 01:10:00
  • Total Distance: 8.73 miles
  • Pace: 8:01/mile
  • Avg HR: 150 BPM
Run felt great. Really concentrated on form... and holding it throughout the entire run. I'm pleased with the direction my run is heading... gradually increasing speed and maintaining a low aerobic HR... good stuff!

Woke up today to overly repressive fog. We live up in the hills and I looked down and couldn't see anything in the valley. Not a good sign for a long ride. Around 11:00 am... WHAP! It cleared! Had a REALLY enjoyable ride with plenty of climbing to give the twigs a little workout... 360 watts? PISH! Here's what we did:
  • Total Time: 02:28
  • Total Miles: 41.3
  • Avg HR: 138 BPM
You guys wouldn't have believed how great it felt to be out in the sun! I swear... sometimes I wonder why I live in Oregon... and then days like today happen! Ride felt good. Legs were a bit trashed when we got back. Again... this is why its good to have a "Scott" around... somebody to push ya a bit. Here's a couple pics n a video...

Could it get ANY better? Doubtful...

Scott gets a flat... Bah ha HA!

Feel the burn! Post ride... stretchin the twigs!

Heading into a recovery week... and I'm thinkin that I need the break. It'll be good to recover a bit. Still researching my coaching options... sent some emails... polled some friends. THANKS MOONPIE! I'll keep ya posted...

Hope your weekends were wunder bar! Robby need sleepy.



beth said...

here i was. just sitting here, thinking i was going to click on your blog and find some sweet apple sauce recipe. thanks for letting me down....naw, just kidding, the ride sounds like it was fun! yesterday when james and i were sitting at java depot, i pointed to a kids' shirt and said- "who should we buy that for?" he goes, "rob!" guess what it said....

Bigun said...

What are rideing partners for - to make fun of thier buds when they flat! Ha! With that super-sweet equinox, you'd better be able to push some serious watts, there, poser!

In the future, you should avoid taking pictures of with your arms and legs in the same shot - if it weren't for your head, it would be hard to tell the difference!

Enjoy the warm weather...good grief it was 86 here today in Tampa!