Saturday, March 15, 2008

2 Down... 1 To Go...

Swim test today!

Yippeeeeee!  I wasn't terribly freaked out by this test.  I mean... truly... the swim is a VERY small portion of the event right? Essentially... if you're lacking in the swim there's a TON of time to make up on both the bike and the run right?  Having said that... I still want to be fast-swimmer guy.  Ideally, I'd like to come out of the water in 30 minutes or less in a half-iron distance swim or 1 hour or less in a full-iron distance swim. What's more... I want to come out of the water feeling fresh-ish and ready to go!  I've done a lot of work on my swim over the last few months.  If anything, its paid off in that I'm really really comfortable with the water now.  SO... I went into the test not really worrying too much about it... relaxed... ready... smooth is fast, (as my brother says).

Coach Liz had the test set-up as follows:
  • 500 yd warm-up (whatever stroke ya want)
  • 10 X 100 yds all out on 10 sec rest
  • 500 yd cool-down
  • Record total time and then take out the 10 second rest and you have your avg/100 yds
Here's how it went down:
  • Total Time: 14:50
  • Minus RI: 13:10
  • Avg Pace/100 yds: 1:19
  • Avg Pace/100 m: 1:26
So basically what that tells me is that I'm on target for the pace that I want. Wanna hear something really cool though?  This was NOT a stretch for me!  I wasn't tired.  I felt FINE.  I felt relaxed and smooth and strong.  If anything I could have gone quite a bit harder.  I had a TON left at the end.  I'm a happy boy.  I'll be even more happy once I really figure out how to pace a swim more effectively!  YEE HAW!

Bike test tomorrow!  Uhhh... the twigs are ready.

Hope everyone is healthy, happy, and workin hard!



Anonymous said...

Pretty good swim times Mr. Appetite. Holy Cow..that was one hellova meal the other night. Where do you store all of that? Your average swim time is pretty good. What was your fastest 100? Slowest? Did I tell you about my "running test" this weekend? I kicked tail and made some $$ in the process.

kt said...

Way to go. I love those times and even better with fuel left in the tank. Yay! Congrats.

beth said...

you go, twiggy! nice swim test. don't you love it when you feel "fine"? i only feel "fine" swimming when i am drafting off 3 big guys in front of me in the lane.