Saturday, February 2, 2008

Good To Be HOME!

I got back into Eugene at about 1:00 A.M. this morning! The picture at left was taken by your's truly at the airport... during my 7 hour lay-over! People couldn't stop lookin at my extremely buff and burly legs in my 2XU compression tights and camo shorts! It's a good look don't ya think? Being the brainiac that I am... I left Florida in shorts and all I had was the tights to keep me warm... brilliant huh? Anyway... I survived the trip and was extremely pleased to get back into my own bed, wake up with the kiddos, and drink my own coffee! 1 week away might not seem like a big deal... but it's a challenge to be away from family for that long!

ALL triathlon type training ceased on Tuesday... yes... 4 days ago! I made an honest effort the first two days I was in FL... but I quickly fell apart and just coasted the rest of the week. Being "on" for that amount of time really takes it out of me and we weren't exactly given a TON of time to get your workouts in! It's funny though... by body did NOT like not being active. I couldn't stop moving... it was constant... I felt like my normal ADD/ADHD self X 20 plus a few rocks of crack! Even if my brain was numb and tired... my body was like, "HEYcomeon comeon comeon lets go go go lets go do somethin it'll be fun go runplayfightswimbikeclimb!" Really weird. I think I managed it pretty well though. I'm REALLY ready to get back on schedule starting tomorrow. Luckily Coach Matt scheduled a VERY light week anyway... so I'll probably really benefit from all the rest!

The meeting wasn't bad at all! Probably the most relaxing I've ever been to. It was really fun to re-connect with some old friends as well as make some new ones! I also got to know some of those friends a WHOLE lot better... which was really bitchin! (Bah ha HA! I just typed "bitchin"!)

Here's a couple of pics from the President's Club dinner. Good times. Pay attention... b/c this is the ONLY night of the year that you'll see me in a suit. Literally. Me with my buddy Mike on the right. Mike is non-stop hilarity and a breath of fresh air at these meetings! I have to give my brother the credit for the "Gay European Tourist" face I'm making... that's his creation and it's my favorite face EVER! REALLY good for formal pictures! As you can see we don't have any fun at these meetings. Its always nose to the grind-stone , no smiling, no skipping.

Big fat shout to BLINK who at this very moment is competing in the Rocky Raccoon 50 miler down in Texas. At this point he's probably kickin the crap out of Texafornia and whining about his feet or something... but we love you even though you're a big fat wuss Blink!



Anonymous said...

Can't stop laughing....your pics are hilarious. Looks like you manage to have fun despite the lack of "fun people" in your company.
Hopefully your new friends are as cool as these guys think they are.

kt said...

Very cool. You got your break from training and now back to the grind stone. Looks like you guys managed to have a pretty good time!