Sunday, January 6, 2008

1 Week Down...

30 something to go before my "A" race! Yippee!

Here's a piece of artwork by my buddy J.D.! This is one of his last pieces of digital art from 2007. I thought it was pretty cool so I wanted to share! You can check out the rest of his stuff right HERE! Thanks J.D.!

So... one week down folks! The training was light but it felt significant b/c of the plague. Yesterday was the first day that I felt semi-human and had semi-normal energy levels.

Friday's training consisted of an hour on the trainer in the a.m... 10 minutes of which were spent doing "one-leggers". If you've never done these I highly recommend them! In addition to building positive cycling strength its an outstanding drill to point out flaws in your pedal stroke. The idea is to keep the entire stroke fluid with no significant gap in power output. Easier said than done. I was a bit surprised at how uneven my stroke was... especially with my left leg. By the end of the drill however... things had evened out. Good stuff.

In the evening I headed over to the pool. Here's what I did:
  • Warm-up: 400 swim, 200 kick, 300 pull
  • 5 X 150s on the 2:30 (decending on 2,4,6,8,10 - stetch it out on the odds). I was supposed to do 10 of these... I cramped so badly on the 5th one that I couldn't kick anymore! CRAP! So instead I finished with:
  • 500 pull on the 2:30
  • Cool-down: 200 swim
  • Total Yards: 2300
Eh... at least I got in the pool!

Yesterday I "ran" with Scott. You probably remember me bitching about having to keep my HR down at 145 BPM and how difficult that was for me to maintain without simply walking. WELL, Scott and I went out yesterday and focused on form, cadence, and keeping the HR DOWN! We ran for 50 minutes as prescribed and I ended up with an average HR of 146! I was so pumped about that... don't know why... I just was. Anyway... I think we covered a grand total of 5.5 miles... a bit embarrassing... but the true accomplishment for me was doing what I was told by Coach Matt and keeping my HR down! It'll pay off later right?

It snowed late yesterday afternoon... just enough for people in town to freak out! Aggie thought that was pretty cool. We also had another family come over for dinner... which is always fun... a total of 5 kids running around like maniacs is very entertaining!

Today? 1.5 hr trainer ride and 2,000 yds in da pool...



Scottie said...

Nice Workout Rob. I will be writing all this good stuff down. keep it coming. You need to get one of those please support my site Paypal logo's so we can send you cash transfers. *Wink* *Wink*

Bigun said...

see...I told you...I mean, Coach Matt told you it was possible! Stay in the zone, man - awesome job! Don't be embarrassed about the pace - I think it's more about time in the HR zone than the pace - and the more time you spend under 145, the faster you'll get at that HR.

kt said...

Rock on! Nice job. You are going to be SO hardcore by the end of this all. I can't wait to follow you through it all.

Tri-Dummy said...

Stop listening to that Coach Matt guy.

Listen to your belly. It really works.