Monday, November 19, 2007

So Profoundly Sad...

Between the Ducks loosing on Thursday, Dennis Dixon being out of the running for the Heisman Trophy, the sleep deprivation from "Mommy", i.e. Tri-Rob, having to get up with Aggie, and my brother leaving this morning... I'm a freakin wreck. OH! It also might have something to do with the fact that the closest I've come to a workout over the last week was jumping into Lake Waldo buck nekkid in 38 degree weather! As I said before... I'll do close to anything if you dare me, just on principle... and it gets even WORSE if my twin brother is around. (Yes... it was his idea and yes... he jumped too).

My last "workout" was a test set in the pool with coach Gina. The test set was 15 X 100 yds on the 02:00 holding 01:25. If you do the math... that works out to be the pace I'd like to swim in a full iron event... completing the 2.4 mile swim in 1 hr. The test set was on Sunday evening and all day Saturday and all day Sunday before the test set I did a really really good job of eating a ton of crap and not drinking hardly any fluids. PLUS... I was feeling a bit of a cold coming on. I'm too embarrassed to post the results. The really terrible thing about it is that I started severely cramping after the 8th set. I basically pulled the last 7. I cramped so hard that I actually pulled muscles in both my calves! Isn't that insane? I gimped around for an entire week b/c of cramps in the pool! Not very happy with myself... yet another "learning" experience that could have been avoided all together.

So my brother has left. It's always tough b/c we don't get to see each other very often... he lives clear over in Japan. Its indescribable how close we are. Its really odd to see the things in someone else that you hate in yourself and also validate the things that you think are good in you... all wrapped in a package that looks extremely similar to you. I just re-read that sentence and it makes no sense. It makes sense in my head though... so I'll leave it there. I just love and miss him... uhhhh... in like a brotherly twin sorta way.

So now its back to the grind. Back to the normal daily routine of work and family and puppy. I promise to put more triathlon stuff in... of course... I'm not sure if everyone likes to read about distances and times or all the other minutia that filters in around that stuff.... what do you think?


Bigun said...

we know you train...umm, well, sorta...keep it personal! oh, and I don't believe that you jumped in the lake nekked...what am I saying? I don't want to see pics of that! ew.

kt said...

I believe he jumped in the lake in the buff. Please... don't post pics, I swear! I believe!