Thursday, October 11, 2007

Swim Drills and Cow Tag!

While K and I were on our romantic coastal weekend get-away... we went to an awesome beach that's on the way to a tiny little town called Petrolia. Basically the place is lost in time... one of those places that you can go and feel completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Anyway, K and I are hangin on this beach and behind us are these huge rolling hills... with cows grazing all over them. The incline up those hills from the beach was at LEAST 12% in some places. Out of the blue... K goes, "I DARE you to run up and tag one of those cows!" OK... if you ever wanna see me make an ass of myself... just dare me to do something! 99.762% of the time I'll do it just on principle! So I took off up the hill... which just about killed me it was so steep! By the time that I had gotten within 25 yds of the cows they were lookin at me like, "What the HELL is THAT guy doin?! I'm outa here! Come on guys!" And they were gone. Pretty anti-climactic but it was really fun trying to get to em... and I can rest easy that K has yet again failed to name a dare that I have not accepted!

In other news. I've been swimming a LOT! Ok... well maybe not a LOT... but a fair amount. At least 3 to 4 times a week I'm in the pool and working on the stuff that Coach Gina gave me to do. I'll post the workout in case you wanna give it a try! Here it is:
  • WU: 300 swim, 100 kick, 100 pull
  • Drill Set:
    • 4X50 wrist drag/ free by 24 @ 10 sec rest
    • 4X50 8 count/free @ 10 sec rest
    • 4X50 catchup @ 10 sec rest
  • Main Set:
    • 4X400 free on 1 min rest
      • #1 focus on a wide entry
      • #2 focus on a wide pull
      • #3 focus on a neutral hand position on entry
      • #4 focus on powering rotation from hips
  • Kick:
    • 10X50 odd flutter, even choice @ 10 sec rest
  • CD:
    • 1X300 pull breathe every 3rd stroke
  • Total Yards: 3,500
I feel like the drills are finally starting to pay off. At first they felt incredibly awkward and I thought that I'd NEVER get it right. But now... when I swim in the main set... I'm starting to feel things flow... feel the water move around me more smoothly... feel the rhythm that we've all heard about. It's nice...

Did weights and core work this am... then went on a 30 min aerobic run... the off-season is niiiiiiiiiiice....



kt said...

As long as it wasn't tunnel tag you were going to try. =0)

Glad you had a nice weekend with your wife. Unfortuately, Patrick got a, "look at what they are doing!" when I read that. He just said, "well, do they have kids? If so, they probably deserve it." =0) Isn't he quite the romantic?

blink140pnt6 said...

"if you ever wanna see me make an ass of myself... just dare me to do something! 99.762% of the time I'll do it just on principle!"

Are we brothers?