Monday, October 22, 2007

Donuts... Is There Nothing They Can't Do?

I've been feeding my sweet-tooth like you wouldn't BELIEVE lately! It might have something to do with the weather change... or it could just be that I LOVE sugar! LOTS of sugar. I like sugar like my Father-in-law likes salt! That dude puts extra salt in his canned soup! Crazy huh?

Had a good weekend and managed to get a little bit of training in. Like I said, K had previous commitments so it was all Dad all the time Saturday and Sunday! Saturday was spent hangin out and watching the rain come down in sheets!

After K got home I hopped on the trainer in the tri-cave and threw down some easy mileage! Spent an hour and a half focusing on cadence and form. I kept my cadence up at 96 RPM and averaged a HR of 133 BPM. Pretty happy with that and it also gave me the chance to catch up on some podcasts.

Sunday the weather did a complete 180! It was beautiful out! Perfect day for a long ride or run... which didn't happen for me! When the sun comes out in Oregon... it doesn't matter what's going on... you just get out in it! The kids and I had a ball running around the yard playing tag, climbing the "jungle tree" and diggin holes in the dirt.

After that I gave my buddy Scott a call, shoved a raised glazed down my gullet, (literally), and went for a run with him. He has a great 4 mile out and back route right by his house. The first 2 miles are a gradual downhill... then of course you turn around and come right back up. Scott and I clocked the first mile at 6:39 and the second a couple of seconds faster. At the turn-around I told myself that I wasn't dropping pace... so I didn't. Scott fell back and I kept on. (I should mention that he did an 18 mile ride right before the run... yeah... he's a stud). I missed the split on the 3rd mile and ended the run with a total time of 26:04 which averages out to 6:30/mile. Let me just say that this was NOT the plan when we started out and that the last mile freakin SUCKED. Ya know, sometimes you just wanna go fast and HR zones be damned! Bad Rob! BAD! How DARE I not follow the training plan to a "T"! I gave myself a spanking and went home.

Today I headed to the gym and attempted to lift some weights and do some core. You know what's really fun to do if you're a skinny endurance type guy? Walk up to those really buff meat-head types and ask them how much they bench. Oh... and make sure that you puff out your chest when you do it. They think it's really cool and will embrace you as their own. Do you think they liked my mini-skirt?



blink140pnt6 said...

Whoa... I can only assume from the mini-skirt thing that one of those meathead types made you his bitch and took you home to do his dishes.

I am suprised though that he would be able to catch you when you can run as fast a you do.

Must have wanted to get cought... huh?

TRI-ROB said...

Brutal blink! Don't impose your latent homoerotic fantasies on me sailor!

kt said...

Yeah, buddy... we need to chat. Those are... well... I don't even know what to say. Happy trainer riding.

Anonymous said...

Seriously - I dig the skirt....real manly! PS - nice lookin' legs....for a chicken.

Bigun said...

I'm not that "Blue-Steel" or "Magnum"? No self-respecting Donut eater would post a picture of his kitchen with things like bananas and other assorted fruit-like substances present.