Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Triple "H" Nekkie Brick!

Is that a great title or WHAT? Bah ha ha! Anything with the word "Nekkie" in it totally ROCKS!

So let me explain... I went on a business trip down to Ashland where I hosted a dinner last night... after finishing up in Ashland this morning I started the 3 1/2 hour drive to Bend. Along the way I got to drive through some of the most beautiful country in Oregon AND pass right by Crater Lake. On the training schedule today was a brick session... what better place to do a brick than in the gorJESUS high desert of Central Oregon!?

So here's where the "H's" come in. The first "H" is HEAT! It was 95 degrees for pete's sake! Then I thought of Brett at Zen and the Art of Triathlon training for a full Ironman in the Texas heat and cursed myself for being a pansy! The second "H" stands for high elevation. Crater Lake and the surrounding area sits at a measly 7,100 feet above sea level! OUCH! I'll put it this way... I felt it. The last "H" stands for HILLS! Basically, I jumped on my bike at less than 5,500 feet of elevation... and climbed the remaining 1,600 feet! YEA! So basically I averaged a massive 9.8 mph heading up the climb... just grinding through the gears and suffering... and loving every minute of it! Let me just say that there were NO cars... the air was hot but had a significant clarity to it... and it was completely silent with the exception of the "whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir" of wheels on pavement! It occurred to me that this is one of the many many reasons that I LOVE this sport and I'm so sad for those that fail to seize the opportunity to step outside of themselves and push some of the limits that they've defined for themselves.

ANYWAY! HA! Sorry about that... got carried away with the musing.

So I got back to the car, threw the bike in, changed into my running shoes and took off on one of the many X-country skiing trails that you find throughout the area. It was just the breeze, the trees, and me running down the trail. I couldn't stop smiling! So what's a guy to do? That's RIGHT... I whiped my shorts off and finished the duration of my run..... buck a** nekkid! Bah ha ha! True story! No... I didn't take pictures! Don't ask... it was a moment... and I went with it!
Great workout... and my fanny didn't even get burned.
In other news I met with my future coach over a sushi dinner tonight. Big plans... big plans. I'm waiting to announce who it is... but if you're like me... you'll be WAY pumped. It's a FANTASTIC fit for both of us and I'm POSITIVE that he is more than capable of helping me along the path to accomplish my goals... whatever THAT means! he Ha HA!
p.s. By the way... I REALLY appreciate the comments on the last post! THANKS!


kt said...

I thought that I wanted to move to Oregon but if there is a chance that I might see you dancing around nekkid on the trail then I am not so sure! Just kidding, that was a bit harsh. I am so jealous of your training grounds. You have no idea. I mean, I live in NE.

Scottie said...

Wow Rob nice workout!! Yes you are very lucky to have such a beautiful area to train in. You should never have an excuse not to workout. Oh and the running naked thing Ummm Just One Word mu friend TICKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I feel so inadequate with only 2 full marathons and a dozen half marathons under my belt, your training makes me feel guilty!!!
It's quite impressive...I hope you feel great about your accomplishments! I love reading about your "adventures" in training in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. I'm excited about the prospect of running (and doing mini triathalons) as soon as I recover from having this baby.
Thanks for the link Rob.
I'll keep reading if you keep up the creative writing.

G said...

You have Jugheaditis...Oh my shirt came off....

Anonymous said...