Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lunch with Drew and a CRASH!

Yeah... uhhhhh.... the day started off GREAT! I headed over to Bend to do some work and I got to hook-up with "In the Near Future Ironman Guy" Drew! I Took him out to lunch attempting to carb him up for the big event... but apparently he doesn't "BELIEVE" in carbo-loading! Yeah... whatever Drew! All that scientific proof and those double blind studies mean NOTHING! Bah. Anyway, we had a great lunch and I picked his brain about the upcoming race and how he plans to approach it. In true Drew form he says, "Awwww man... I dunno... I'm just gonna finish maaaaaan. Ya know? Like... I don't care if my transitions take me 10 minutes. Ya know?" What a load of DOODY! I predict that Drew will finish Ironman Canada in 12 hours or LESS! If he doesn't? I'll..... I'll... uhhhhh... ummmm... I dunno... but I'll do something CLAZY! We had some good laughs. I patted him on the back, wished him the best, and sent him on his way! Go get 'em DREW! Leave it on the course man!

Seriously folks... I'm totally pumped for him! AND... just a tad bit jealous! Drew is about to embark on a life-changing adventure! You just don't get many of those in a single life-time. SUPER cool stuff!

Then I crashed. Yes. Crashed. I hurted my Subaru BAAAAAAD! Basically its in a towing company's hold lot until the fleet folks figure out if they wanna fix it or total it. I'm fine. The other passengers were fine. I'm not going into huge detail... but let's just say.... I'm a total bone-head! Seriously... I've done enough mental flogging to last at least the next 3 months... so I'm going to leave it at that.

The training I was SUPPOSED to do over there fell through due to the hassles of insurance, towing, rental cars, etc. Yeah... what else is NEW! GEESH... I think I've trained a total of 2 days in the last 10! That SUCKS! BUT... it is what it is right? After all the car wreck drama... I met my future coach and friend for dinner, talked about next year, and shoved a ton of sushi down my gullet to drown my sorrows. I feel better now.

OKIE DOKIE! If you go HERE! You can track Drew at Ironman Canada on Sunday September 26th! Just look up bib number 601 and you can get his splits! I know I'll be watching!



Scottie said...

Hey Rob, I called Drew today to wish him luck. He is so laid back. its kinda funny. You are so full of unbridled energy. I told Drew that I'm surprised that you don't go with him and do the course just to get it out of your system =) Drew will do great. I'm so jealous, that dirty dog will be an Ironman.

kt said...

Glad to hear that you are alright after your accident. Ironic that I managed to smash up my husbands car this last Wednesday during a big thunderstorm? Funny that mine was in the shop when I hurt his? Not really. Anyway, ours is drivable, it just looks really trashy, and yes, the police would have said that it was my fault although there was some extinuating circumstances. =0) Everyone is alright.

PS I will be cheering Drew on as well!

Anonymous said...

Wow dude, how about some more pictures of your hot sister. Glad you are alright and all, but really it is all about her, right?