Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Got Lost...

In more than one way. Yeah... um... my advice? ALWAYS have a freaking PLAN! This could have been a lot worse... but it turned out o.k.

Saturday, I woke up with a bad attitude and a HUGE chip on my shoulder. Believe me... when I'm like this... everyone LOVES being around me! Really... its true... they do. SO... my wonderful, adoring wife said something along the lines of: "Shouldn't you be out training or something? You're a complete psycho! Get outtaoutSTANDING string of expletives (you shoulda heard it... I was in top form)... and took off. Total ride time was supposed to be an hour and a half... easy. I didn't really have a plan but thought that I'd head out and pick my turns as I came to them. I ended up making some turn somewhere that completely screwed me up directionally. I have no idea what happened but I truly didn't know where I was! I mean... I knew GENERALLY... but not exactly. I figured I'd end up in some podunk town and then I'd figure it out. So given my state of mind b4 I headed out on the bike... here was my general reaction, "Rob, you're such a freakin IDIOT! How do you get LOST? Completely WORTHLESS! Now you're out here with one water bottle and a 1/2 oz of gel and you have no idea when you're going to get home. Nicely done retard!" Yeah... isn't that nice. I am my own best supporter. Then something happened.

I looked up... and there was a herd of roughly 16 cows just looking at me... just staring the way that cows sometimes do. I looked at them. They looked at me. They weren't chewing or anything... they were just standing there... staring. So I rolled to a stop.... and I stared back. After a few minutes of this... I said "Hi cows." They blinked... bent their heads down and began to graze... as if I had never been there.Then they went back to grazing. I giggled to myself and started riding again. So in that moment I realized something; I was making myself miserable for no apparent reason! Do you ever do that? Ever wake up and just subconsciously decide that you want to be pissed off all day? Apparently I do. What a waste of energy. ANYWAY... having that realization turned things around for me... and about 2 minutes later I saw a sign... "Eugene 16 miles". Good times... good times. I love this sport!

Here's the stats for the ride:
Total time: 2:09:00
Total Dist: 37.9 mils
Avg Spd: 17 mph and change
Avg HR: 142 BPM

Today Jack came with me for a run on his bike. It's always nice to run with a mobile support crew. I get a kick out of listening to him hum or sing a random tune as we're truckin along.

Here's the stats for the run:
Total Time: 50 min
Total Dist: 6.4 miles
Pace: 7:48
Avg HR: 148

Slow run... but felt good. I realized the other day that with all the family fun and festivities I've trained a grand total of 10 days in the last month. Bah ha ha! Eh... it is what it is.

Drew is on the run portion of IM Canada as we speak! Just think... in a few hours he's going to be able to lay claim to the title: IRONMAN! How SWWWWWWWWEEET is THAT????



Scottie said...

I have the same cows here Rob. They just look at you and don't even move, Like what they hell is this dumb human doing, oh well time to eat again LOL. Good to see your back on the Triathlon training push again. Cheers.

kt said...

I have learned that it is ok to be grouchy but that you have to keep it to yourself. It is NOT ok to take it out of your friends and family no matter how crabby you feel like being. We all have our days. =0)

Lewie Tenorio said...

Everytime my ex-boss pissed me off I would kick his a$$. All in my mind of course while on a long run. I always feel so much better afterwards.

You'd never get lost on Saipan, but we do have cows just the same.