Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back on Track... I think!

Isn't this a SWEET picture?! This is a pastel/photo manipulation by a friend of mine... J.D. Casten. J.D. is one of those guys that you sort of know in college but never really connected with. Then all of a sudden you serendipitously run into later in life and begin to get acquainted. Pretty interesting dude... and I believe... a very talented artist. Make sure you check out more of his art, photography, poetry and philosophy HERE!

Alright! So I've been in a rut... of sorts... in terms of focused training. I think its one of those inevitable things that happens after you spend 5 months training for something and then its over... there's just a sort of let-down that can't be avoided... kinda like Christmas! So I feel like I finally made it out of the rut this week! YES! Really all it took was a conversation with my buddy Jim H. He raced in the Deschutes Dash Olympic this past weekend and placed 4th in our AG! Freakin AWESOME Jim! Nice JOB! SO... that's what it took apparently. All it took was for a friend of mine to do really well in a race... and BAM... I'm back into it! Thanks for the push Jim!

Ok... so here's what my workout was today:
  • am swim
  • 400m warm-up/drills
  • 3 x 600m tempo on 1 min RI
  • 200m cool-down
  • Total distance: 2,600m
  • Avg interval: 1:35
Swim felt great! Consistent pace the entire time. Very pleased with that!
  • pm run
  • 45 min aerobic
  • 8 x 30 sec strides on 30 sec RI
  • Total distance: 6.5?
Felt really comfortable despite the heat. Legs felt good. No issues with the legs. Not sure on the distance b/c I didn't measure it anywhere... I just kind of randomly ran through some of the neighborhoods in the university area... I love doing that! No plan... just go! SWEET! It was quite meditative actually... anyway... I went for the designated amount of time and it was fun! Good enough!

OH! Guess WHAT? I've picked up a little contracting work a couple days a week. The best part is that it pays about $100/day and ALL of that goes into my personal "Triathlon Account"! YES! Basically I'm saving-up for some coaching for next season AND for a push to a full Ironman in early '09 (either AZ or CDL)! VERY excited! I actually have a jar... where my money goes... childish? I think NOT! A few people have asked, "Why wait until '09 for a full ironman?" My response to is: Why not? Doesn't it logically follow that I can use the '08 season to continue to build a strong aerobic base and gain really valuable experience at the Olympic and 1/2 Iron distance in addition to enhancing my speed and strength? You know it... and that's what I'm going to do! When I go to Ironman... I'm going to RACE Ironman... not just finish. (I can't wait to go back and read this in a year, "DUDE... what was I THINKING???")


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