Friday, June 15, 2007

Thursday BRICK.... house...

Yeah! OK... so here's what I've really enjoyed about all this training stuff... improvement! SO cool to experience it over a training cycle. Basically I'm in the 19th week of a 20 week training cycle. The ride that I did as part of my brick session yesterday was a standard ride that I started doing waaaaaaay back at the beginning of this 20 wk cycle. Essentially the bike starts with a roughly 10 mile steady uphill climb of about 6-8% grade. I can remember going up that thing in the beginning and thinking to myself, "I must be the most pathetic triathlete in the WORLD! I can't get my breath! My legs are gonna fall off! My butt is on FIRE! OUCH! Crap! I'm a failure! Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?" Yeah... pathetic huh? Anyway, I cruised up the thing like it wasn't even there... laughing the entire time (b/c of the most recent Zen podcast) and just having a good 'ol time! So very cool! So I rode for an hour and a half at an extremely relaxed pace (as prescribed by my training plan), covered 24 miles, then hopped off the bike for a 45 min run covering 6 miles. How cool is that!? I felt totally fresh the entire time! Good stuff.

Heading into the Father's Day weekend and some fairly heavy training. Saturday will be a short run in the morning followed by a 1 1/2 hr bike at HIM pace. Sunday will be a 2,600m swim followed by a 1:50 run. Looking forward to both!

It might interest you to know that Morgan and I are organizing an endurance nutrition talk on June 30th at Collin's Cycle Shop on W. 11th! There will also be a presentation in regard to improving your open-water swim! Details on times and speakers to follow! SWEET!

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