Monday, June 4, 2007

Feel the CRAMP!

I did NOT do a good job of staying hydrated this weekend. After Kathryn and Lila got back from their Brownie camping trip... I took off for my swim! I was supposed to do a total of 1,800 yds at a relaxed pace. I got in the pool and starting doing my warm-up and BOTH of my calves and feet started cramping up! I couldn't believe it! Pretty frustrating considering I had been stagnant for the entire weekend... except for the bike excursion with the boys. Anyway, there was no way I was going to miss the workout! I struggled through 20o yds of warm-up, I grabbed pull buoy. I ended up doing 1,100 yds pulling. Surprisingly I felt pretty good the entire time. What it forces me to do was to be more efficient and I was also able to really work on my bilateral breathing... something that often gets neglected when I get in the pool. After I hit 1,100 yds I decided to try to finish the main set using both arms AND legs. I was able to complete the final 700 yds but was again plagued by cramps particularly in my right hamstring this time. I found that if I felt a cramp coming on... if I completely relaxed whichever leg it was... eventually it would relax... but it always came back. No worries though... I finished my workout and was happy to have gotten the work in.

In other news... I got the t-shirt from Brett at Zen Tri. If you recall, I suggested a slogan for a triathlon t-shirt for a small company called Tri3Life. Anywho... my little slogan, "Smile, You're Tri-ing" won... which got me a free t-shirt... which is freakin sweeeeeet... we like t-shirts. Brett didn't have any options for sizes... which means I got a large... and for my skinny butt... he might as well have sent me a dress! No worries though... its just another opportunity for me to show off my emaciated form! Thanks Brett! I'll wear it proudly...

Got a swim and bike tomorrow... lookin forward to that! Getting ready for the Blue Lake Olympic distance triathlon coming up on Sunday. No taper... just training right through it! I'll be joined by my buddy Drew in Bend as well as a few local Eugene guys... namely Morgan and Scott. I predict pain for the competition!


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texafornia said...

dude, you look so HOT in that shirt! I bet some stud sent that to you.

- Brett!