Tuesday, March 27, 2007

When the cats away...

What does any "normal" tri-dork do when his wife and kids leave for a few days? He sets up his trainer in the living room, throws on a nice violent war movie and gets TO it! YEAH! And we're not talkin some Saving Private Ryan/Flags of Our Fathers/America is so great and can do no wrong/all our boys love dying for their country and you should too b/c if you don't wanna you're crazy type movie! Nope... we're talkin some hard-hitting, thought provoking stuff like: The Thin Red Line! Whew... sorry about that... I digress.

SO! Today I hit the pool in the morning doing the following:
  • 400 yd warm-up/drills
  • 8 X 100 yd. sprints on 30 sec rest
  • 400 yd cool-down

Felt most excellent in the water and the BEST news is that I didn't cramp at all! I posted my concerns about that on Triscoop and within a half an hour I had a TON of suggestions on how to deal with them. Basically I made sure to hyper-hydrate yesterday and did some very specific stretches b4 getting in the pool... worked like a charm! Big thanks for CoachAdam and miCampers on Triscoop for the help!

Then... this afternoon I spent an hour and a half on the big wheel in my trainer. Basically working on my pedal stroke... keeping it even and using big gears to torch my twigs! It was awesome and the time really flew watching my movie!

That's it for today...

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