Thursday, March 29, 2007

On the ROAD!

Headed down to Redding, CA today to hook up with my wife and kiddos! We'll be visiting K's parents for the remainder of the week! What I'm TOTALLY stoked about is riding down there... the weather is supposed to be AWESOME! It'll be a really nice change from the rain and cold we've been having in Eugene. I was going to post some pictures of the drive down but I forgot my cord... no hooky uppy da camera! Bummer!

So training today was a bit on the light side. Just a bike/run brick at half IM pace. 45 min on the bike followed by 15 min run. I pushed hard on both but it still felt a bit empty... I think I have to adjust the schedule and get longer on the bricks. I would have done a core/weight workout but I ran out of time and had to hit the road... I'll get some core in tonight after I get in. At the moment I'm having dinner in Ashland... if you've not been to Ashland before... I'd highly recommend it... just do it in the off season... it's pretty crowded in Spring/Summer

That's it for now! Photos will be forthcoming!


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