Saturday, January 2, 2010

Begin Again...

Ok... I just had to put this picture first b/c he's so freakin handsome. That's Tom. Yeah. He's mah boy.

Anyway! YAY! No really... YAY! Last week was my first week back in the gym on a consistent basis. I've been in and out over the last 6 months but not on a terribly regular basis. You know what I've missed? The purposefulness or the whole thing... THAT is what I've missed. Wandering in to the gym... going through the motions... trying to be fit and healthy... really doesn't do it for me. I'm driven by goals... they keep me accountable, interested... so having a tentative racing schedule for 2010, (which is probably the BEST numbered year EVER... I mean look at it! Its just cool. And its even), really keeps me focused. I like that!

So basically I spent the last week re-introducing myself to the whole concept of swim, bike, run, core, strength. Guess what? I'm SORE! LOL! I love it! I ran 3 times, "biked" twice, swam once, and lifted 4 times. All in all it was a good week of base training while flawlessly executing my parental duties to include emotional nurturing! YAY me! I stayed exactly where I needed to be... slow and patient... and I'm ready to get into the next week. I've also started putting a little effort into finding people to train with. Last year... I trained with Erich a couple of times... maybe. That's it. Mostly... people annoy me during training... "Please shut the "f" up and do the work!". Erich didn't annoy me b/c he was too busy kicking my ass... which, believe it or not... isn't AS annoying as it may sound. Anywho, so I'm going to try training with some roadies on the bike this winter... gag. Open-mind... keeping an open mind!

It's going to be interesting for me to work without a coach for a bit. I'm not sure how that's going to go. Conceptually... building your own base after you've done it a couple of times should be pretty straight forward. Then again... I am Rob... and Rob likes to complicate things sometimes. Rob gets carried away. Rob needs to be reigned in... calmed down... reassured. Basically, Rob can be an insecure whiney little bitch on occasion... but Rob loves Rob anyway. Coach Liz also loves Rob... and knows what Rob needs. SO... the internal
debate with myselfness continues... coach myself through base training... or no? Hmmmm... gimme your thoughts people!

I took the kidoodles and Aggie up to the snow the other day for some sledding! SO much FUN! Here's some pics!
Aggie was in heaven! She is the best dog in the WORLD!

Tom went up n down about 4 million times! He's an animal!

Jack was a freakin maniac! No fear in that one... kinda freaked me out.

Mm hm. My Lila!

That's it for the moment... feels good to write. Thank you for taking the time to read. Hope you're all happy, healthy, and whole.



Jen said...

I've been riding w/ some roadies also. They are a strange breed, but freakin' fast.

Happy base training!

Colleen said...

I think a break does the body good and it sounds like it's just what you needed!

The kids (and pup) are super cute! Glad they can enjoy the snow!

Jennifer Harrison said...

SO glad you are back! You have been way too quiet!

My vote (Of course I will say this): CHAMPIONS are made in the winter

TOO many athletes f*ck up their base season and arrive in the build either:

1.) OVER trained
2.) Under Trained
3.) Injured
4.) Or all of the above.

That is my vote! Ok, carry on....

happy 2010!

Di said...

I'm a newbie to Tri training, I think you need to go with your gut even when it tells you to eat more pie.

Your right 2010 does look cool...Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Every why has a wherefore.........................................