Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm Official!

Yup. All checked in and numbered and labeled etc. YAY me!

Woke up this morning to BEAUTIFUL weather! Crystal clear skies with a few puffy/fluffy clouds... you know the type of day... it smiles at you and you simply smile back! Erich, Aggie and I jumped out of the rack, grabbed some grub, and headed out to get our swim in. On the way... we bombarded our coach with random nonsequiturs via text. Yeah. Good times. Our goal was to ensure that we were at the forefront of her mind AND that she got absolutely NO work done. Mission accomplished.

We arrived at the Gatorade swim to find the wind whipping over the water and creating quite a bit of chaos. Seriously big swells. The good news is that the water temp was an incredibly comfortable 63 degrees! Yeah... seriously. I didn't even use a swim cap.... ME! The skinny candy-ass that can't stand the cold! We put in around 700 meters... total. Just to get a feel for the water. No significant issues and we held around an extremely comfortable pace both out and back... good stuff.

We hung out for a while and then it was time to check in. I ran into Carol! Have I told you about Carol? Well... CAROL is single-handedly responsible for getting me back in the pool after my shoulder dislocation! That girl is neato! She happens to be racing as well and I'm positive she's going to kill it! Anyways... check in went off without a hitch and here I am... holding my bag... my eyes all big... and I'm just giddy. I'm can't hardly contain myself... like I'm standing there at the timing chip checker inner thingy and I'm doin the "I Gotta Go Potty Dance"... and here's all these other people... and I'm like, "Jesus dude! This is freakin AWESOME! We're RACIN on Sunday WOO WHOO!!!", all smiley and rookie... and not in the least bit cool. Eh. I just can't help myself.

Fast forward... or I'll never get to bed! Drove the course, quick bike ride, quick run off the bike, dinner, Colleen and Stephanie showed up at the house and there ya have it!

So... me and my carb-filled belly are now heading to bed. Tomorrow's agenda consists of... sitting on my ass with my feet up! Yup. Exciting stuff. My sole job tomorrow is to rest, eat, pee, eat, rest... not necessarily in that order... but you get the idea. Bryan is showing up at the house tomorrow as is Stephanie's husband to complete the crew! Aggie will also have a playmate tomorrow! Colleen's puppy Piper is coming up and Aggie is beside herself with excitement!

Ok... off to bed! Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope you're all happy healthy and whole and....



Vincent said...

Good luck this weekend. I've been reading about so many people racing and the photos everyone has are incredible. I'll have to sign up for next year!

Anonymous said...

yip, yip, yee-haw!!
I'm giddy for you. Cool, schmool!
Love reading about your trip.

Scottie said...

Have a blast Rob !!! You will be Iron soon, and you deserve every minute of it. I will be volunteering at the run special needs rooting you on!!!

jameson said...

it's go time! it had awesome following along... and you are ready!
nail it tomorrow!