Monday, May 11, 2009


toward my peak!

Ok... so its been a while since I've written... and it hasn't been from lack of trying!  Two weeks ago I was in FL at a national meeting.  These are bitter-sweet events b/c while its great to go someplace warm and sunny... perhaps get a few 15 minute breaks on the beach with a friend or two... the rest of it is spent trapped in meeting rooms and "learning" things and stuff.  Late nights usually... which are GREAT considering some of the company... but really take it out of you over the course of a week.  Training continued with everything but the bike and I was able to get in some good work!

Immediately following that week of bliss (no joke Sarry), I flew to St. Louis to meet my family and attend my youngest niece's First Communion.  I can't tell ya how much I miss my sister, her husband and my 4 nieces and nephews!  Every time I visit... it always makes me want to move to be closer to them.  SO much fun and craziness!  While I was there I also got in a 5000 yd swim and a 2.5 hour run.

I'm now into the last week of a pretty hefty build.  Last week ended with a 6.75 hour ride followed by a 30 min run off the bike.  Here's what I have to say about that: FUN!  I covered WELL over the iron distance on the bike and came off the bike running my ironman marathon pace with legs that felt pretty darn close to funky funky fresssssssshhhhhh.  Yeah.  Seriously.  I had no idea what to expect and was REALLY pleased!  

Another build week and I'm launching into rest.  I feel stronger than I've ever felt!  BIG weekend... 2.75 hour run, 4800 yd swim, 6 hour ride followed by 50 min run off the bike.... so THIS is what Ironman training is like?!  Niiiiiiiiice.

Hope you're all happy, healthy, and whole.  Thanks for taking the time to read!


p.s.  Enjoy some pics from St. Louis!

Nephew Sam, me, and nephew Jake!
My niece Sophie, Lila, and me!
Me and Lilly (the first communion girl!)

Look at my "little" girl!!!  WOW!


Anonymous said...

Rob, where is a picture of your gorgeous sister? I hear she's really hot.

jameson said...

i am stoked things are going so well. kick some ass this weekend and then enjoy all the hard work... your are going to nail it in CDA!

Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed. You seem to be coming along swimmingly!! I'm guessing you will get a slot to Kona....yep - you heard me.

Funny story - Friday, I was heading out on a run and I was parked in my car along side a busy lake trail. For whatever reason, you popped into my head. No idea why. Thanks for the encouragement. Your blog is great.
Keep it comin.

Charisa said...

Sounds like you are READY for CDA!! Almost all the hard work is done and then it's just the fun stuff - racing :)

Bigun said...

I noticed no pics from Florida....and no pics, therefore, of the M-Dot Bigun. sad face.

word: destrati - the plural of distraught - like when tri-rob leaves you flat, comes to Florida and doesn't call. Really, really really distraught.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Hey, next time you are in my neighborhood - st Louis - give me a shout out. I will be sure to have you meet up with a fun group for swim/bike/run. I loved the pictures of the family.. cute kids - what church? My triplets are going through first communion next year.

Ryan said...

15 Days Dude!

I know 15 days out of my first IM I was stuck in the bathroom until at least 11 am each morning puking my guts out thinking, "what have I done."

Hope that relaxes you!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Where the hell are you these days? Share! You're getting close and i'm wondering where your head is at?